CabinetM Unveils MyStacks, First Platform Dedicated to Building and Sharing Marketing Technology Stacks

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CabinetM , the MarTech marketplace and collaboration network, today introduced MyStacks , a robust platform that lets marketers and agencies create, share and collaborate around marketing technology stacks. #MyStacks lets #CMOs, #marketers & agencies create, share and collaborate around #martech stacks. Tweet this “Marketers are…

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CabinetM, the MarTech marketplace and collaboration network, today introduced MyStacks, a robust platform that lets marketers and agencies create, share and collaborate around marketing technology stacks.

#MyStacks lets #CMOs, #marketers & agencies create, share and collaborate around #martech stacks.

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"Marketers are blessed with an incredible diversity of marketing software products that they can mix and match into a unique marketing stack that is tailored to the requirements of their business and brand,” said Scott Brinker, Editor of and program chair of the MarTech conference, “With services such as CabinetM, it's becoming easier to design and manage these multi-vendor solutions effectively and efficiently."

MyStacks Lets Marketers:

  • Use MStack, a free drag and drop configuration tool used to build and fully visualize the entire marketing technology stack
  • Leverage a database of more than 4,500 marketing technology solutions, indexed across 100s of categories
  • Create and annotate marketing stacks with information related to product function, spend, performance and integration
  • Save, share or export stacks for use in marketing, budget, or strategy presentations
  • Click through each product in the visual stack to access detailed profiles
  • Visualize a mix of new and existing tools and how they integrate
  • Use StacksUp, a community forum to collaborate with peers on marketing stacks, and to showcase expertise by branding stacks, or contributing anonymously for the benefit of the crowd.
  • Tap StacksInsights, a content center dedicated to perspectives on creating marketing stacks.

“With the tremendous rate of innovation in MarTech, and more of the marketing budget moving to digital initiatives, managing the marketing technology mix is becoming increasingly complicated,” said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM. “The ability to visualize the marketing stack means teams can easily track the tools they are testing and trying and look across all the layers to identify opportunities to improve ROI on marketing spend. The introduction of MyStacks on top of CabinetM’s marketing tool database and MyCabinet workspace delivers an effective platform for team and network collaboration around marketing tool discovery.”

MyStacks Lets Agency Directors, Media Buyers and Digital Experts:

  • Manage client relationships around tool use and discovery
  • Identify the right tools for clients, showcase full stacks, share tool experiences among client teams, and publicly showcase their expertise in both building stacks and understanding tools

“Marketing stacks are a competitive, strategic and frankly, must-have tool for today’s modern marketer,” said Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist, CCP Global. “CabinetM’s MyStacks tool extends a huge opportunity for agencies and companies trying to figure out the complex nature of building an ideal marketing technology stack. With CabinetM’s technology, we can now quickly conceptualize and customize the entire technology mix for each of our clients and easily track performance client-to-client.”

CabinetM’s basic subscription is free to marketing professionals, agencies and marketing technology companies, with opportunities for premium upgrades to increase exposure across the network.

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About CabinetM

CabinetM, the MarTech industry’s marketplace and collaboration platform, was founded by two marketing industry veterans that identified a disconnect between the way MarTech companies promote and sell their products and how marketing professionals acquire information and purchase marketing tools. Putting their combined experience to work, they created CabinetM to enable discovery, workflow and extended networks for the marketing industry. For more information, please visit

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