No cash, no worries - church collection plates go digital

No cash, no worries – church collection plates go digital

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Do you need proof that there really is an app for everything? Here it is. In churches all across America, the digital collection plate has arrived.

Everyone understands that if churchgoers don’t give, churches can’t pay the bills. But people carry less and less cash these days. Of course, electronic payments have been around with credit and debit cards for years. But let’s face it: Swiping credit cards during a service just won’t work. But what is working, are new smartphone apps.

You see, worshipers may forget cash, but you can bet they won’t forget their smartphones. The Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco was one of the first to use the app Evergive.

These apps allow parishioners to donate money and share prayers with their smartphones while in a service, or anywhere else. Other churches are using apps like, I-Tithe - Ten, Easy Tithe and others. takes less than five taps and has built-in geolocation, which means you can contribute at any of the 1,000 churches that subscribe.

Churches are reporting more donations, more often and from more people. So it just might be that churches will be the one place that will always ask you to keep your smartphones on.

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