The Power of Asking for Donations

The Power of Asking for Donations

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For many people, the thought of asking others for financial support makes them feel very uncomfortable. Yet asking for donations for personal and charitable causes should make people feel powerful, not vulnerable. When they stand up for a cause, whether it’s to help themselves, a loved one or a…

For many people, the thought of asking others for financial support makes them feel very uncomfortable. Yet asking for donations for personal and charitable causes should make people feel powerful, not vulnerable. When they stand up for a cause, whether it’s to help themselves, a loved one or a charity, they show strength in their beliefs and raise awareness among people, who will likely want to help in any way they can when they see there is a genuine need.

Strength in Numbers

The collaborative economy is changing the scene when it comes to asking for donations when fundraising. In recent years, crowdfunding has become widely accepted and utilized to elicit support for a cause. Fueled by the interconnectivity of the digital age, crowdfunding is an innovative way to raise funds for personal, charitable or business ventures by connecting donors to deserving people and ideas. Moreover, through sharing on social media, the potential to raise money is multiplied astronomically. Every share can raise $37. Through thousands of shares by the fundraiser and people in and outside of their network, campaigns can become quite successful.

With that in mind, consider the plethora of situations when crowdfunding would do wonders for people asking for donations.

Eight Great Ways to Utilize Crowdfunding

  1. Disaster Relief

Help out a community recently hit with a natural disaster. Floods, fires and earthquakes are unexpected and detrimental to any community. By setting up a campaign to give back to those affected by a natural crisis, anyone can spread the seeds of compassion across the globe. Team up with a charity in the disaster area and inquire about the community’s needs. Your campaign may go toward providing fresh food, supplying shelter or securing medical supplies, depending on what is needed to support the people affected.

Pam Is Rebuilding Hope in Nepal, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Comforting the Patient

Experiencing a serious or chronic medical condition is exhausting on any person and their family. Often caught up in the midst of medical tests, hospital stays and ongoing treatments, patients rarely have the time to relax and find comfort during a difficult fight. Take the initiative to provide some relief to someone who needs it most. You can set up a campaign dedicated to giving a patient their preferred solace, whether that is a vacation, a trip to their favorite museum or even Disneyland.

Mae’s Journey Fund, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Medical Expenses

Financing medical treatments can become expensive as bills begin to pile up. During an already stressful time, no one wants to worry about how they are going to pay for their treatments, medications or doctor visits. Luckily, the crowdfunding model lends itself to quick and easy fundraising for medical needs. By creating a campaign page, anyone can reach out to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers to ask for a little help during a time of need.

Help Keep Happy Happy. Support During Leukemia Treatments, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. A Family Addition

Are you gearing up to expand your family tree? Adoption is a big step for any family and as such requires a certain amount of financial support. One great way to utilize crowdfunding for personal causes is for adoption. You get to share your excitement with your network about the adoption process and keep them updated along the way. And as more friends and family share your campaign, the more the donations will roll in.

Waiting for Our Sister, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Mission Trips

Many children, teenagers and adults seek out an opportunity to impact people’s lives by embarking on a mission trip. In general, the purpose of a mission trip is to aid in the development of a community in various ways. Sometimes this includes working at a school, teaching locals new agriculture techniques, conducting outreach clinics for medical care and building infrastructure. However, in order to make this significant act of compassion possible, people often need some financial support. That’s where crowdfunding comes in. It’s the perfect platform to explain to your friends and family why you have chosen to volunteer and to ask for some help funding your journey to give back.

Jordan Duke Restoring Foundations Through YWAM, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Education

More and more students today are crowdfunding their way to higher education. With no end to rising tuition costs, many people are looking for other options to fund their tuition as well as other expenses, such as textbooks, student health care plans, computers, groceries, transportation and housing. By creating a crowdfunding campaign, any student can put their goals of higher education within reach. Make sure to remind potential donors that they are investing in the future generation.

Crystal’s Medical School Graduation, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Four-Legged Friends

Any pet owner will attest to the fact that furry friends are an unending source of support and love. But sometimes our loving pets need our support for a change. Whether your pet needs urgent medical care or you want to help out your local animal shelter with a donation, crowdfunding can serve as your tool to get the necessary funds to help keep dog tails wagging and cats purring.

Rescue Road Trips Tractor Trailer, YouCaring fundraiser
  1. Funerals and Memorial Funds

After the passing of a loved one, everyone goes through a process of mourning. Often an important aspect of this healing process is organizing a funeral or a celebration of life as a way to honor the deceased. Other times, individuals find new ways to honor their loved ones like creating a memorial fund in their name to continue their legacy. By creating a campaign anyone can reach out to friends, family and community members to ask for help in giving your loved one the final goodbye they deserve.

The Kristen Brown Memorial Fund, YouCaring fundraiser

New Possibilities

By leveraging technology and the power of social networks, crowdfunding makes peer-to-peer lending more convenient and accepted by people around the world. Set up your free campaign today.

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