4 Innovative Videos to Turbo-charge your Productivity

Hey, Mr. or Mrs. Type A, are you striving for your next bonus?  Eeking out one more (arduous) chin-up while subsisting on mere chicken feed?  Well, Adam Alter, author of Irresistible says it’s time to quit spinning your wheels, ditch the rat race, and start setting *systems*…

Check out these 4 innovative videos and turbo-charge your productivity with counter-intuitive perspectives that will have you kickin’ butt and takin’ names, while feeling all ZEN about it, too… 😉


Goal Setting Is a Hamster Wheel. Learn to Set Systems Instead.

You’ve just achieved a goal you’ve been working towards for two years. You did it! Congratulations. Someone asks you: how does it feel? “Kind of anti-climactic, actually,” you say. This scenario is quite common among those who have achieved even the highest benchmarks in business, athletics, or art, says Adam Alter, and it’s because the goal setting process is broken.

You’ll also find some great practical ideas on how to “set systems” without being a square in Stephen Shapiro’s classic, Goal-free Living.









Starting An Online Business Really Isn’t That Hard

Think creating an online business is hard?  Why not try something *really* challenging like…LIFE, for instance.  Get the skivvy below from Greg Rollet of The Ambitious Life.  Entrepreneur Network partner Greg Rollett talks about the reality of starting an online business.


The Leadership Style You Need to Drive Your Company Culture

The keys to a strong company culture are not perks and benefits — they are good leadership and employee empowerment.


Top 10 Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

Got something to sell?  Well, hit the books, Buddy…

Marketing is an art. It will help you out in every aspect of your business. It’s important to study it. Entrepreneur Network partner Patrick Bet-David recommends these 10 marketing books.

Goal Setting Is a Hamster Wheel (full article)

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  1. Mau

    I’m putting those books in my to-read list! I believe most people who have achieved their (big) goals usually learn afterwards that it is indeed the journey that is important, not the destination. Don’t get too attached to the end goal, just enjoy and make the most out of the journey towards it. 🙂

  2. Mincy

    I think starting a business isn’t hard at all but to find a product that will sell is difficult. Setting the systems, organizing your goals well and focusing on that will help us to get to where we want.

  3. Maury Cheskes

    I think creating a system is a good way to stay organized and busy. That being said, I still think setting goals is crucial to human development. The key thing to do is to set new goals after you’ve accomplished one so that you always have something bigger to strive for.

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