Daily Bitcoin Discussion – February 10, 2018

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  1. I don’t understand how the technology illiterate are somehow the most confidently speaking group of people in a field that has one of the highest technological learning curves.

    It’s so frustrating to deal with. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. yuriop


    Hey all, I’m coding an Ethereum Dapp, and I’d like to talk to some people directly about what I’m building. If you are a trader who feels they have a strong perspective on general day-trading, long-term trading, or getting in on ICOs, I would love to interview you today or tomorrow.

    Anyone interested? I know this sub is for general crypto trading, but I’m guessing there are some ETH tech enthusiasts out there 🙂

  3. osoese


    Move money off bitgrail we said. It will be safer we said. Now we all suffer your loss because price tanked at a time it should have been going up….to rebound from the last bit of bitgrail bs.

  4. simmol


    It seems like all the bad news has been taken into account in Nano’s current price, and I don’t see how there won’t be some upward correction some time soon, given that this really has nothing to do with Nano itself. I am thinking about jumping into Nano if it is under $10.00 still. Thoughts?

  5. CryptoNewb1234


    A few questions on the Bitgrail situation:

    How easy/ difficult is it to trace back transaction that exploited the double crediting flaw (if that is what happened)?

    What laws have been broken?

    Do any exchanges offer rewards for people identifying vulnerabilities in their code?

  6. Luna259


    Sold my BCH for some more Etherium. Annoyingly missed break even by 50p (if I’ve got the Euro to pound conversion correct) and less than 2 minutes (by the time I’d come back to my computer to put sell order through BCH had already dropped). Then less than 5 minutes later after selling it climbed again. BTW, can someone explain to this newcomer the GDAX fees and the limit and stop functions (save me having to time the market)? They should be lower than Coinbase’s shouldn’t they?

  7. Fr87


    I gotta say, I just don’t understand why anyone kept their NANO on BitGrail. The whole point of the coin is free and instant transactions. Even if you do need to be moving it and from the exchange to catch opportunities, why not take advantage of that and keep in it RW/NW?

  8. Levithanz


    My twin brother and I wake up on our birthday to see Bitgrail exit scam (most likely)… Had 102 xrb, which I know isn’t a ton compared to everyone else here, but it was a lot to us. Just gotta suck all this juicy sadness up and learn from our mistakes

  9. Karnemelk


    Would it be a good strategy to make something that checks nonstop the past 24h of all coins, if atl now, then buy and make a sell order for about 1-2% higher. Probably the fees will kill it I guess.

  10. x3n0ke


    Anyone bought a Ledger Nano S in Belgium/Netherlands? Any tips for trustworthy webshops are welcome. Also, the difference in price is big, 119€ – 250€

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