Facebook lost around 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 last year. 2018 won’t be much better.


  1. lawt0n


    I lost access to my fb account for ~2.5 months recently. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but it was life changing. The experience was like quitting a drug cold turkey, sobering up, and realizing for the first time (since middle school when I joined facebook…I’m now 24) that I’ve wasted a non-negligible amount of my life feeding an addiction that I wasn’t fully conscious of. Perusing facebook is a trash activity and abstaining from it will only improve one’s quality of life.

    Sometimes I can’t fight my curiosity and I peek at the phone screens of the people I’m crammed next to on the subway in the morning. Just yesterday, I watched a guy mindlessly scroll through his news feed to a post that said “Most overrated band of all time: AC/DC”. He clicks on it, and scrolls through the comments to one that says “that’s a gay ass band”. He clicks on the thumbnail photo of the commentor, then swipes through a few of his profile pictures. he then looks at the commentor’s friends and clicks on a few of them and looks at their profile pictures. I had to stop watching at that point, it was starting to make me nauseous. What an utter waste of time and mental resources

  2. Giddius


    It‘s now basically just an huge database for future employers to see how shitty you were, ads and fringe opinions that get amplified.

    I dropped it about 3-4 years back but recently had to make an account again, because I started university and almost all information, events and documents get shared in special groups for that university.

    But I dread going there and can‘t force myself to visit more often than once a week.

  3. AudaciousBeat


    I vibe with a lot of the comments in this thread, but one criticism I see missing is a huge one for me:

    There’s nothing *personal* about your Facebook page. The reason why MySpace was huge in 2005-2009 is because you had almost total control over what was on your page. You could add your own custom code or copy/paste from some generator that you liked. You had music, graphics, and unique pictures. You didn’t get notifications about every random thing, only when your friends interacted with you somehow. Your page really felt like a unique extension of you.

    With Facebook, everything is the same blue and white color, every page is exactly the same, and the news feed is just a shitty algorithm that tries to determine what you want to see instead of allowing you to do that yourself.

    I think this is a problem with the new internet in general. Nothing is *personal*. The closest is Tumblr, but there are problems with the layout which make it inaccessible to some, and it’s more of a blog instead of a social media page.

    Insta/ snap, instead of continuing to do the things that set them apart from Facebook, are now assimilating into its same structure. And it sucks!

  4. hateriffic


    I can just comment on my kids. 18/14. Facebook is a non factor for them. They have no reason to go there, they and their friends are on to whatever is new. They aren’t actively protesting it bc of old people, they aren’t staying away from it, as more it’s just non-existent.

    For them it’s the equivalent of a landline and appointment TV. It’s there, they just don’t use it. And from the comments I read about current state of FB, I would bet there is zero chance they are a demo that will be reclaimed.

  5. Dani2386


    I’m not under 25, but I’m about to delete Facebook. They started this thing where they put ads in the middle of videos, and while the ad is playing you can not even look at comments. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. There are other places I can mindlessly look at stupid videos without the ads.

  6. ftwin


    It’s because it’s trash. I got Facebook when I was a senior in high school in 2008. Back then you could post the most ridiculous shit and you didn’t have to worry about your parents or an employer seeing it. Now it’s just this horrible cesspool of shitty viral news. Half of the shit that shows up on my “On This Day” is shit i’d never post in a million years now.

  7. morosco


    I can understand why young people aren’t into facebook, but as a 39 year old, I still find it incredibly valuable. I like seeing what my friends and family are up to without communicating with them directly. I like the events feature, because at this point, most of social life revolves around get-togethers organized a week or more in advance so people have a better chance to take part with kids and other life responsibilites. I like being able to exchange a funny comment or two with people from my past – people I wouldn’t communicate with anymore otherwise, but still people I like and would probably see more if I lived anywhere near them. I like following a few community organizations and charities.

    I see the downsides but for me, it’s still great as a tool.

  8. Zeliek


    Nobody posts status updates anymore. Those that do are usually politically/news oriented and the replies to it are are always pedantic and argumentative.

    I personally don’t do status updates because I don’t want facebook having a laundry list of things I’ve been doing to sell to 3rd parties.

  9. scottdawg9


    Only reason I keep it is to easily keep in touch with my friends in other countries. I deleted the app off my phone a few weeks ago because I have a shitty battery and it was making it worse. I also realized that when I browse through my feed is endless ads and dumb videos I’ve already seen on Reddit. Facebook used to be so simply and clean. Now’s it’s a mess. An entire tab on the app is dedicated to shopping. I have never once used Facebook to shop.

  10. TheBlackTalon


    In my opinion Facebook started to die a slow death once old people and the media got involved and posts from news outlets is all you could see rather than posts from your friends which is what the platform was intended for in the first place. It’s terrible now and the only reason my account is still active is so that I can stay in contact with old high school and college friends through messenger. Imagine if old people got involved with Instagram and ruined your experience with cringy jokes and “lectures” under your pictures and to make it even worse, the only posts you could see on your timeline were from news outlets. Would you continue to use it when you can no longer see what your friends are posting? Facebook ruined itself when they attracted old people by allowing media outlets to use the platform as their secondary news network.

  11. glowingRadon


    Parents/older people are the biggest problem for a lot of us.

    When your mom and all her old friends are on Facebook commenting on each others’ posts and liking every pic, you’ve got an issue. It means Facebook is no longer cool and trendy – it’s an old people’s website now and teens/young adults don’t want to be associated with that.

    Facebook used to be a good “safe” place to talk to friends in high school without your parents being able to easily find out. Now? Friending your parents and relatives is kinda socially mandatory…

  12. mrsplackpack


    I hate FB it’s so depressing. I don’t know why people add their parents. All I see now is divorced old people writing something “meaningful and deep” on their children’s status in hopes that their ex wife/Husband will see

  13. ken_new


    It’s so different from what it used to be. I started university in 2007 and Facebook was *massive*. It was the entire basis of social life. You’d get an invite for pre-drinks for the dorm down the hall.

    Now, I never post anything because my mum and my auntie and my other auntie and my mums friend don’t understand the style of humour but will Like it within 15 minutes anyway.

  14. spongebue


    It’s constant things like this: [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/2d20UvD.png) that drive me nuts. Stop trying to make things so warm and fuzzy, you’re making the Friendface jokes from The IT Crowd seem tame. Oh, and it’s weird when you keep trying to make things personal by starting every sentence with “Brian,”

    And of course, Messenger removed from m.facebook. Yes, I know about mbasic.facebook. Still a pain to have what was great functionality removed for no reason. I don’t want the damn app!

  15. cushting


    The facebook style of social media is just out of date now. Besides absolutely flooding it with adverts and screwing up the order of posts its basically not changed since the beginning of time and people are starting to move on to better platforms.

  16. xevizero


    Facebook has got two simple problems.

    A) Young people find themselves surrounded by parents and family, while once Facebook used to be the place where you could hang out with friends, now you have to watch out for what you say..it’s not anymore like being somewhere with your friends and the girl you like and you’re trying to talk to, it’s more like being in a constant ankward situation of your mom coming to get you after school and randomly making cringy jokes and making your friends laugh.

    B) Ads. Most of my young friends started to get pissed off at facebook during the rise of mobile gaming and facebook microtransactions infested social games (i’d say around 2012). Notifications about Farmville and other crap had become unbearable, then the shift to the non chronological timeline happened and the content from your friends started to be replaced by ads and other cringy wannabe-viral campaigns. The content you still were able to see from friends was often outdated or dowright frustrating..I open facebook in november and still see as relevant a photo of all my old friends hanging out at the beach in July, just to make my grey November day feel more miserable; that post is useless: I can’t interact with it because it would make me a creep who lurks through other people’s personal profiles and old photos, I don’t enjoy it and it’s not relevant to that moment in time, i’d rather see what my friends were doing RIGHT NOW so that I could interact with them.

    Basically Facebook has become old people’s Reddit, and that’s exactly why I personally don’t use it. The few interesting posts that I find (from large pages or groups), see their comment section infested with opinions from the only people who still use Facebook, and whose trashy comments don’t get penalized in any way (there is no burying trolls with dislikes like here on reddit), so this means tons of ignorants/old people, further making me wanna quit and come here where I can leave a long meaningful comment like this and still feel like someone in the world will either appreciate it, or at least read through it.

    Basically I stopped using Facebook the moment when I found a gf and I had no further need to constantly try to socially interact with random people I barely knew; I would have kept skimming through the latest posts, but the less I started using it, the less interesting and more ads infested it got.

    Ol’ man Zuckerberg has a big problem to solve now. Slowly but surely user engagement with the platform is gonna fall in a positive feedback loop that’s gonna leave Facebook with a 1 billion people userbase made up of barely active accounts, ads revenue is gonna fall even more and they’ll have to shut the whole thing down or turn it into something else entirely (more akin to Linkedin or Instagram and other more focused networks that at least retain a purpose even when not that active)

  17. technojesus5K


    My college was one of the first 20 schools to be added to Facebook. It stopped being cool the moment I found out my mom was on it. Like most things in life, now that boomers have gotten involved, it has become both lame and corrupt at the same time.



    The only reason I haven’t deleted my facebook is because of messenger and contacts that I have only on messenger. I think its sort of rooted itself into my life and now If I were to remove it I would have to go back to it for some reason like getting in contact with someone.

    Instagram is the only social media platform that I actually enjoy using, purely for some of the great pictures people post (NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR FUCKING DINNER).

  19. wobwobbird


    You don’t see anything about your friends on Facebook anymore, and that’s what it’s for. It’s just funny videos and pictures, but you go into reddit to get those

  20. SilentBob890


    Facebook is cancer in technology form… honestly, the world would be better without it.

    My younger siblings are in high school right now (12 year gap between me and them), and shit has changed drastically due to social media. They are constantly pressured by peers into posting more and more content, and it better be “good content” or they will give you shit /make fun of you if not. They cannot escape bullies either thanks to social media. They are constantly comparing themselves to the other kids in the school that are “having so much fun” or “always in trips / parties / out in the streets” etc…. and it makes them feel miserable, making them think that their lives are not as good as the other kids’…

    My younger brother even stopped trying out for sports because, in some ways, of social media. The relentless mocking while in practice, followed by relentless snap chats making fun of him / his technique / form / speed, or instagram posts, etc…

    It is hard to tell him to not care about what the other kids say or do, when he is constantly being teased. There is no escape like before, leaving school / practice and being able to go home and see your family and friends in peace.

    Social media, the way that is being used today, is cancer.

  21. drunken_puma


    I have 2 teenage girls and apparently Facebook is for old people. It’s all Insta and Snap for them. Facebook needs to recapture youth or they’re going to have to reinvent themselves.


    1. I know Facebook owns Insta. However I also know that the kids are fed up with that, too.

    2. You aren’t original with your comment “I hope it dies/goes away/it’s the new Myspace”

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