Comcast sues Vermont after the state requires the company to expand its network


  1. CzarDestructo


    Vermont is great. They don’t have much going on in terms of economy but the people there are fantastic and they protect their own. No billboards in the entire state, very few chains and instead almost entirely mom and pop stores, close sense of community. In many regards they have their s**t together even if they’re not affluent. I’d love to retire there.

  2. JoseJimeniz


    Comcast should just go ahead, and note the source of the costs on your bill:

    – Services: $130
    – Vermont regulatory charges^1: $77
    – Total: $207

    ^1 Provides access to HD versions of public meetings, and an interactive guide to public meetings

    Because something people *love* is city council meetings in HD.

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