Salon is using adblocking readers’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency


  1. tomkatt


    I’d avoid Salon due to this, but if you’re inclined to read articles on their site, you can completely ignore this by right clicking the notice and choosing “inspect” or “inspect element” depending on your browser. Then in the inspector that opens just right click on the “`<div id=”adblock-notice” class=”style__adblockNotice___2VzZn”>`” element and choose “delete element. From there you can browse the site like normal for the rest of your session while disregarding this stupid nonsense.

  2. I actually have no problem with this.

    I hate ads, but I want websites to continue to exist, and as long as it’s opt in (as Salon is doing)… I really don’t have a problem with this. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing reddit do something similar (again, if it’s opt in only).

  3. abrownn


    We have an “Adblock warning” for this sub that lets users know when sites force people to deactivate their adblockers, but we will dicuss altering the warning to cover sites that opt to mine with users hardware as an alternative to ads as well (in addition to adding Salon to the warning list, of course).

    If anyone spots a site that’s been posted to this sub that is currently hosting malvertising or a cryptominer, please reach out to us via modmail and let us know!

  4. whozurdaddy


    I think theres a bit of a war going on with sites like Reddit and these “news”y sites. They like that Reddit will get you there, but they dont like that your easily distracted to go to other sites as well. Ive never disabled an adblocker for any site, nor will I. The content isnt that important to me, and there are alternative ways around their silly pop ups.

    What I fine ironic though.. if they can make those “Disable your adblocker to continue” popups…then why not just use that same tech to put an ad on your screen anyway.

  5. PTC36


    I stopped reading Salon when they started posting pro-pedophilia editorials. That’s certainly a threshold of lost credibility for me, apparently not for some others, but I remain unsure why anyone still reads it to be honest.

  6. daveime


    “Unused computer power”

    Just imagine, all those little CPU cycles, already charged up with electricity, all dressed up and nowhere to go. No wonder the CPU gets hot, it’s all those cycles vibrating out of frustration at being unwanted, unloved, and most importantly unused.

    No, Salon, that’s not actually how computers work.

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