SuppoMan To Be Added To Scammer List With Mcafee, Bitconnect and CryptoNick

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From Reddit

“Suppoman is almost on the same level as Bitconnect for being a complete scammer and milking his naieve Youtube viewers for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For those of you that don’t know Suppoman is a youtuber and he often makes pretty bad Udemy courses, which I have no issue with. The issue now comes as Suppoman has been hyping a “secret ICO” for weeks now and has been trying to build as much demand as possible for getting knowledge to this ICO.

He then promised his viewers that if they buy one of his courses and then join his Facebook mastermind group they’ll be able to get the “secret ICO” first. This would mean they pay $10 just to get a password to get into the group. So a bunch of people bought his old courses to get the password to get into the group, but then just as they think he’s about to release it, HE RELEASES ANOTHER COURSE making people pay a further $10.

And to make matters worse, the ICO pick was: Seele which is already a popular ICO that most people know about and is certainly not secret.

This guy is taking money from unsuspecting people and the bad part is most won’t even get into Seele as its already oversubscribed and they will end up buying his bags.

It’s just sad so please add him to the list with Mcafee, Bitconnect and Trevon james.

Also, he claims he doesn’t take paid sponsorships for ICOs, but then this video completely contradicts that:

Here’s his Youtube pinned comment asking people to buy his old course to get into his mastermind so they can be notified about the new ICO: – but he then, of course, makes them buy another course on top of this.

Also, you can see him picking Seele here:

EDIT: For anyone that bought his courses, open a request on Udemy for a refund, say you were defrauded.”

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  1. latebtcinvestor


    I absolutely loved it when Doug Polk called him on his bullshit whilst Suppo was doing a livestream and the chat went crazy. It was seriously awkward and he flapped big time. Far too many scammers in the space and this guy is one of them. Avoid.

    By the way, I have a few Udemy courses if anyone is interested…

  2. fishfishfish313


    Takes advantage of noobs… people who are well versed in the crypto sphere don’t need people like Suppoman.

    I would venture that the smart ones move on from his fan base, and the ones that stay are too lazy to think for themselves.

    I personally watch the dude every one and a while for the lulz… but let this be a lesson..

    Please.. whatever someone shills, ask yourself the reasoning behind it. Always perform independent research to corroborate or contradict what someone is saying. And never depend on anyone else to decide what to invest in.

  3. _Markness_


    Without a doubt one of the biggest idiots in the cryptoworld! I hate the fact that Boxmining, someone who I think is very objective and honest, does videos with this moron..

  4. jd198674


    You guys know that Suppoman started out his Youtube career by making children’s game videos right?

    The worst part is, the videos aren’t even constructive nor did they contain any authentic content. The videos simply contained content based on stirring up drama between other youtubers who actually did produce original content. Some are actually funny to watch; just think about how a grown adult man is the brainchild behind them. Here are some samples; the comments are hysterical:

  5. He has done this ‘secret ICO’ setup before, and I believe it was Ethos, which to be fair isn’t a bad pick. But all this pent up hype that he builds is just another way for him to get people to pay £10 for his Udemy course in desperation to know what the next ‘x1000 coin’ will be. I reckon that is where the majority of his money has come from, not so much from successful investing.

    Edit – Last secret ICO was actually Bitdegree.

    Edit – I found this tweet:

    He mentioned about founders/teams breaking ICOs, then subsequently reveals his secret crypto to be Seele, an ICO where two members of the team have already scammed $2 million of ETH out of people. You literally can’t write this stuff.

  6. Let me let you in on a little secret. Most if not all of the top crypto youtubers are on some whale group’s payroll. Yes, even the ones that talk absolute bullshit about how “transparent” they are.

    You can’t really blame them to be honest. They’re getting approached by certain whale pool groups and offered very significant amounts of money to make short videos shilling coins/ICOs. They’re also being approached and being offered $$ by the individuals who run the ICOs.

    Do you really think any rational person will turn down $20K to make a five minute video?

    I can’t name all the youtubers, but I know for a FACT that suppoman has been paid off on multiple occasions by a whale group a friend of mine infiltrated.

  7. hugepwner


    I was on board until you posted that dougpolk twitter video… everyone uses that to prove he’s being bribed, but he hasn’t said one good thing about indahash anyways

  8. zahokum


    For people who don’t know this guy has a history of promoting scam ICOS, he shilled superior coin about 7 months ago and they disappeared without a trace. I would stay so far away from him!

  9. I joined his Mastermind Group back in June after his first course and have been banned 3 times for calling out this exact level of bullshit. I simply rejoin under a new username/profile with ease. I enjoy keeping my ear to the ground for upcoming ICOs and news on coins (scams, hacks, potentials, etc.) but cannot stand the hypocritical bullshit that spews out of Suppos egotistical fat fucking mouth. The piece of shit thinks he practically founded coins like Bitquence, BitDegree, Quorito, Seele, and about a dozen others. In reality, his group does ALL THE WORK and he simply steals their thunder by releasing PAID UDEMY COURSES covering the same material he stole.

    Not to mention, he BANS anyone that doesn’t agree with his sheep mentality or goes against the grain of the shilled coins he puts forward. If you make a post about BREAD or LiveEdu, expect a ban or a deleted post as it goes against his shilled ETHOS and BitDegree coins. Can’t muscle in on his paid shill reviews now!

    Suppo is an absolute piece of shit. He takes credit for other peoples work. He takes bribes and does paid advertising (wouldn’t be as bad if he just admitted it but blatantly lies about it). He refuses to pay his moderators who work for free just to help him. He bans anyone who doesn’t agree with his view on coins or approach to sharing information.

    I still subscribe to his videos on YouTube just so I can downvote them and call out his bullshit. I feel bad for the suckers and idiots who still blindly follow him. News flash…those calls of his that made you money were made by the people in the group or elsewhere that he simply stole. You don’t owe him a fucking thing.

    Fuck Suppo

  10. sapikurus


    Didn’t everyone know this already? This guy is pure scum he’s taken multiple paid sponsorship and consistently lies to his viewers all the time, I hate that these are the most popular people in crypto, and yes Doug already exposed his ass.

    We need to make /u/DougPolkPoker/ the face of crypto, guy has so much integrity and isn’t a piece of shit like so many people right now.

  11. Jesperinf


    Lmao, did he actually make people pay for ANOTHER course to see the reveal? Didn’t he PROMISE his Mastermind group on Facebook would know first? Then Twitter/YouTube? So basically he just lied straight up to all of these.

    Another thing is, he says in his videos how it’s “low market cap”, “low ICO price etc.,”, yet the hardcap isn’t revealed yet, so there’s no way a normal person could know this. I was in their Telegram group earlier, asking about hardcap and ICO price, and the admins said it would be revealed “soon”. First of all this is ridiculous not making this public 3 days before the whitelist is made, second of all he must’ve known = Insider information. You don’t get that unless you were in some sort of presale/deal. He probably got a really good price, and now he’s hyped it up so much that he will earn a lot with no risk.

    Another guy was in the Telegram asking who the CEO was, and the admin said it would be announced soon. Eventually he was banned because he kept asking. Big questionmark.

    Not to mention the fact that he ruined this ICO with a whitelist of only 5000, for all the people who was looking to buy in before he announced this. It will now be insanely hard to get whitelisted for the initial soon-to-be investors, who did their own research.

    Leading up to this, with all these shill tweets and YouTube videos I’ve been losing respect for him, but this was the final nail in the coffin. Zero respect given.

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