Update: Mozilla Will Re-File Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality


  1. Animus0724


    The people don’t want to abolish net neutrality. The state governments are rebelling. Many businesses are fighting congress and the FCC. Why is the federal government ignoring the masses. The rest of the world seems to agree that net neutrality is a good thing. Has America gone from a gorvernment for the people to a goverment for the corporations? Land of the free my ass. It’s the land of the greed.

  2. msmug


    I called/wrote my representative and senators about this, and now I get bombarded with “Scam Likely” calls and telemarketers. I had to give them my number in order to contact them, and I’m wondering if they sold it. I get so many calls, I stopped answering my phone altogether. It sucks.

  3. Thanks to the lack of comments I actually read the post. The article is a TL;DR on it’s own. Give it a read.

    > What can you do?

    You can [call your elected officials](https://advocacy.mozilla.org/en-US/net-neutrality/) and urge them to support net neutrality and an open internet. Net neutrality is not a partisan or U.S. issue and the decision to remove protections for net neutrality is the result of broken processes, broken politics, and broken policies. We need politicians to decide to protect users and innovation online rather than increase the power of a few large ISPs

  4. Vash63


    I really hope some of these lawsuits get somewhere. I think they have a strong case for misconduct but anything short of removing Pai from power probably isn’t going to change anything…

  5. miversen33


    What is with the random jabs at Firefox? This is their parent company, suing the FCC because the FCC is a bunch of dicks.

    Instead, all we get are “why don’t you fix Firefox first?”. Look here… The legal team doesn’t do the dev work. I know it’s a surprise but come on. Seriously?

    If anyone else were to do this, everyone would be clammering to support them. For whatever reason though, we hate Firefox…

    I believe Mozilla is doing the right thing here and more companies need to join in on this suit.

    Side note, my daily browser is not Firefox


    Thanks for the Gold! However, instead of giving that to me, if you appreciate the comment and feel like showing it, go donate to the [ACLU in their fight Net Neutrality!](https://action.aclu.org/secure/protect-rights-freedoms-we-believe-8?s_src=UNW180001SEM&alt_src=UNV180001SEM&ms=gad_SEM_Google_Search-Trump_ACLU%20Name%20Terms_aclu_p_246614160367)

  6. FrenchieCorndog


    I really hope Mozilla gains headway with this. Even if it ends up only gaining the cause more publicity, I feel it’s a fight worth fighting. Kudos to them, and best of luck to their team

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