Comcast ‘blocks’ an email service: Yet another reminder why net neutrality matters


  1. copycat042


    …OR it is an argument to remove the monopoly franchises that government gave comcast and other cable providers. “Net Neutrality” is a poor fix by governments for a problem that governments have caused.

  2. SargoDarya


    *puts on tinfoil hat*

    I think it would be far more likely that someone like NSA would have installed something which interferes with the connection considering that it would be a highly valuable target.

    *puts off tinfoil hat*

    Nah, probably just a snafu at comcast.

  3. > “It doesn’t really matter if it was a purposeful block or a technical glitch,” said Pfau. He argued that the net neutrality repeal will “harm competition immensely”

    For fuck’s sake. If it’s a technical glitch, then it has *nothing to do with net neutrality*, so it absolutely *does* matter.

    Our side is right. Please don’t fuck it up by acting like cunts. I’m for better treatment of animals, too, but it’s almost embarrassing to say out loud thanks to those assholes at PETA. Don’t do the same thing with net neutrality.

  4. carlosos


    The article can be summarized as “Something broke on the Internet and we don’t know why”.

    It is unknown if it is Comcast’s fault or only also impacted their customers. Useless article.

  5. Hellse


    An opt-in feature that blocks something is not Comcast blocking something anymore than if I put a Fortinet router in my building and turned on default web content filter blocking only to blame Fortinet for the blockage.

    I think the problem here is a misconception among the general public what “safe browsing” entails. People think, I believe, “Oh, of course I want to be safe when using the internet” and turn it on, not realizing that “Safe browsing” is like “safe search”: safe for work/kids.

  6. Teilos2


    Although part of me is entirely inclined to take this at face value Comcast is evil after all. I am hesitant as i could not imagine comcast being almost free of net neturality giving such great ammo for putting it back… that being said definite proof/evidence has yet to present itself (atleast none that i have seen). All in all i hope they did do it on purpose as it would make great ammo against Pai.


  7. Geek_Verve


    Conspiracy theory crap. While it does appear that the blockage was happening at Comcast, I see no reason to believe it was anything more than some automated service mistaking this as harmful traffic. Definitely no reason to assume it had anything to do with censorship or any other remotely net neutrality related concern.

  8. This seems like largely clickbait – if you read the article it was unavailable for 12 hours and no one is quite sure why. There’s a reason “blocks” is in quotes in the headline. It’s most likely a technical glitch – bugs happen.

  9. DragonPup


    Comcast is bound by Network Neutrality as a condition with the DOJ for purchasing NBC until September of this year, so purposefully breaking stuff seems like an expensive lawsuit waiting to happen. Far more likely answer is someone (and not necessarily someone working for Comcast) misrouted traffic.


    Disclaimer: I am a very low level Comcast grunt who doesn’t speak for the company in any way, nor do I post as part of my job functions.

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