Daily Discussion, March 13, 2018

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Suggested Topics

  • Screenshots
    • of article headlines without the article
    • of your favorite price ticker
    • of your exchange website
    • of your private chats
  • Wallet/Exchange/Network
    • recommendations
    • complaints
    • service outages
    • troubleshooting
    • fee estimation
    • unconfirmed transactions
  • All things price
    • hodling
    • the dip
    • the moon
    • price going up
    • price going down
    • technical analysis
    • price on your smart phone
    • price on your smart watch
  • Stuff you bought with Bitcoin
    • Hardware wallets
    • Lambos
    • Teslas
    • Pizza
  • Questions
    • Receiving Bitcoin
    • Sending Bitcoin
    • Earning Bitcoin
    • Storing Bitcoin
    • Buying Bitcoin
    • Selling Bitcoin
  • That thing your coworker said
  • Bitcoin Showerthoughts
  • Random music videos
  • Bitcoin license plates
  • Interesting threads
  • Future speculation
  • News of the day
  • Memes, GIFs
  • Twitter links

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  1. bitfinex123


    I already sold my bitcoin , now waiting for more crash. I think bitcoin will hit $8000, after $7500 then straight to $4500. After I will start buying . I am sure more crash is coming soon within 24 hours . Keep you money sitting on exchange then after a hard crash you will be able to buy truck load of cheap bitcoin . Good luck friends.

  2. BitcoinAlways


    This quote needs to be preserved…..from about 8 hours ago…..

    **Jedi_Ghost_** **”In the real world I would have been considerate and told you everything is going to be fine, BTC will hit 200k by December and your flaming orange (or shiny gold wrapped) lambo will be delivered to the moon to a parking spot with your name on it. You of course will already be there , riding your stash of bitcoins , waving your cowboy hat screaming Yeeeeeha!**

    **But…this is Reddit, nothing to do with the truth or reality or competence of any level. You’d get more useful information by walking into an opium bar in Shanghai and asking any of the drooling comatose patrons about the future of BTC.**

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