New Zero Knowledge Proof by Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra, and Benedikt Bünz


  1. waxwing


    The negative comments here are a bit over the top, although I get where they’re coming from. (probably doesn’t help when you have three guests over the phone and two hosts asking, with one of them apparently quite ill!)

    Fwiw I listened to it all this morning, it gets better as it goes along and there’s a lot of good/interesting material, especially when the conversation switches more towards bulletproofs (although the stuff about trusted setup was still somewhat interesting especially if you’re new to it). Also Benedikt Buenz turns up in the last quarter or so.

  2. I do think the core developers are a bit wasted on a non-technical host like this. Not everyone has to be technical, but I think we could have gotten more out of this if it was someone more knowledgeable conducting the interview. Andreas would be perfect, but someone like Ivan on Tech on YouTube would also be much better.

  3. fresheneesz


    > Google came up with Bristlecone, a 72 qubit processor a few days ago

    Google hasn’t completed any such 72 qubit processor. Misleadingly titled articles came out recently which actually just reported Google’ *goal* to build one.

  4. BrianDeery


    Here is /u/waxwing ‘s Apprentice Wizard’s walkthrough:

    Here is /u/pwuille ‘s lecture on the new address scheme:

    Here is /u/benediktb ‘s speech of the bulletproofs tech:

    /u/andytoshi clarified off-air that to aggregate the proofs, they need to be made interactively. This mean unrelated transactions can’t get the combined speed benefits.

    Here is the course mentioned that is taught by Benedikt’s advisor:

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