IOTA’s new website is live!


  1. 69rude69


    > David Sonstebo.. the serial entrepreneur…

    Holy shit my sides. I think that kinda suggests you did something before collecting money for yet another shitcoin

  2. grumpyfrench


    The part where mars is striked through and it says April for real. I don’t know. It’s fine for reddit community but for an outsider does not look professional. But good website update overall

  3. evantbyrne


    I don’t intend to hold any IOTA, but I think the website looks nice. Just a FYI you will probably take a hit on your SEO without server-side rendering.

  4. AskIT_qa


    Big IOTA fan here. I thought the new site was meant to be more accessible to the layman, but instead there are the same buzzwords as before just fewer of them.

    And then one section’s wording runs into the next so you are dangling in linguistics if you do not move forward. I have only spot read the descriptions and details, which honestly feel more technical, voluminous, and less accessible.

    The layman will not click further in. There were more pretty lights on the previous version, keeping the newbs from exiting. I am not of the opinion that more white space is “clean”. Honestly, it seems kind of played out for a style.

    Graphic Design-wise I preferred the site from before, which is why I didn’t get deeper to the info as much. I see you have a technical writer position open. I am considering this because I think your website’s presentation and framing could benefit, in terms of the intros and all. Buzzwords are often not understood. Average Joe doesn’t know what the hell permissionless is and why it even matters. Frankly, it sounds like a bad thing to the layman.

    Great focus on the foundation, but don’t let that take over the project’s core competencies. Let the project drive itself and the foundation support it. Solicit the help of a few members to proofread next time. And remember: the last proofreading is the most important because you are always making changes.

  5. srkdummy3


    From an ENG Investor, I wish the best of luck to IOTA. I know there have been misunderstanding between the two supporters, but I believe IOTA really has a unique usecase and ENG can partner with IOTA in future to provide decentralized privacy.

  6. columbensis


    Looks great but the function of the site is not really met in the design, to a new comer they should be able to understand exactly what IOTA is and what value it has to the new comer in less than 15 seconds. This is not the case, it seems to use too much jargon and empty space to allow for any easily understandable content.

  7. ShamblesDog


    Has some interesting information about IOTA condenensed on a single website, if anyone is unsure what IOTA is or will be about you have a good source to read now.

  8. nagumi


    So my concern with iota is that I’m concerned about the notorious complexity of storage. I keep hearing about people with moderate crypto experience (like myself) making mistakes with the wallets and losing their coinage. Is there an idiot proof wallet out there?

  9. peterbenz


    To be honest, I don’t think it looks as good as I had hoped. I also have some MIOTA but it’s buggy and the pictures don’t fit into the clean look (at least on the phone). The information on it is great though, understand for the layman.

  10. ndha1995


    From David Sonstebo – Founder of IOTA:

    >After some last minute fixes and refinements, we are proud to say that finally we have a brand new website that represents the new direction of IOTA overall and the new epoch we are entering as a community and organization. The idea here is to move more and more away from the typical overhyped cryptohype and more into the realm of real world use cases, as well as being more available to the masses. There are still a few minor bugs, some visual stuff and text that will be added throughout the night and tomorrow, but for now we are happy with putting it online. Give a big thanks to the team, they’ve been working hard on all of the content and implementation up until this very second.


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