When your favorite game hinted that you should have bought bitcoin before it even existed in 1994


  1. witcoins


    Keep in mind that the world of Final Fantasy VI already starts as an authoritarian dystopia and eventually becomes a *post-apocalyptic* dystopia.

    Seems like bitcoins turn worlds into shitholes. Hopefully you guys will gain at least a glimmer of self-awareness from this knowledge. I doubt it, though. 🙁

  2. coachwhipii


    Blasphemy! Bitcoin has always existed. It was just unknown until very recently when it was discovered in an abandoned mine from the gold rush days. That became the first ever bitcoin mine. Know the history of what you’re getting into.

  3. CaanThief


    i absolutely loved FF3 on SNES!!! Some of my best memories growing up. Then i went on to FFII, secret of mana and chrono trigger, secret of evermore, super mario rpg, earthbound (never finished it tho unfortunately)

  4. masonbryant


    Not that I have a dog in this fight, but wouldn’t this technically be bitcoin cash with the green logo and all? Not to mention store of value vs built for spending? Just sayin.

    p.s. my second favorite game of all time next to FF2 for SNES just due to nostalgia.

  5. Ttatt1984


    Bitcoin = Gil

    Gil is the currency of the worlds in the FF universe.

    Bitcoin confirmed to be universal currency. Accepted anywhere in the universe, through time and space.

    Also… is Ver = Kefka?

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