Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges


  1. cheechyee


    The amount of corruption after one year of conservative power is frightening… These guys are getting busted every week and everyone in America is all like… “This is normal”
    Obama was attacked about corruption for 8 years, yet no proof or charges have ever materialized…
    Over here waiting for everyone to wake up.

  2. broccoli8000


    I have a personal story with this woman. In 2005 we both worked for Alaska Communications. She was hosting these meetings explaining to employees why there was no reason to ever have a competitors services. I explained to her that me and my 2 other guy roommates played games and downloaded a lot of stuff, our competitor had 10mbps and we had 1mbps max. I tried explaining this in a constructive way to which she responded: “Ok, so our services are perfect for anyone that isn’t a couch potato” I was a lot heavier back then. Well, I’ve lost a ton of weight and now she is going to jail. Great ending!

  3. lovescrabble


    There is seriously not one decent member of this administration. Fraught with lies, fraud, money laundering, collusion, treason. It just goes on and on. It’s incredibly stressful to just watch our country being destroyed. Hilary was right on calling them deplorables. I know it made her look bad, but she was right fucking on.

  4. wade_awike


    > β€œto accelerate the deployment of high-speed internet access, or broadband, by reducing and removing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.”

    Regulatory barriers removed. Fraud sequence initiated…

  5. greengrasser11


    It’s funny because Hannity had to grasp at straws to create this “crime family” bit, while the most apparent crime family is on display for all of us to easily piece together.

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