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  1. tearlock


    Would there be negative impacts to NASDAQ trading crypto? I wonder if it would topple other exchanges overnight if everyone wanted to move their holdings to NASDAQ…

  2. iuli123


    IOTA is finally on the up, off the back of a bad weekend and a less than exciting start to the week. IOTA is valued at $2.04 and is up 7.02%

  3. flinch85


    Hi dudes and dudettes,

    I’m about to release my UK crypto tax calculator. If anyone would like to sign up for beta you can here:


    It’s anonymous (just need a valid Email address) and you’ll receive a free account when we release next week.

    The purpose of the beta is to have people test the system (obviously) but also to see which exchanges, features and tokens they’d like adding. Thanks!

  4. Filri


    was pretty much abscence since January and realised that my XBY is tanking af. Also read some comments like #rip xby. Anyone a short tldr; what happened to Xtrabytes?

  5. theprufeshanul


    Signals Token due to start trading tomorrow on Qryptos and IDEX.

    I liked the look of these as you can set and test trading strategies and buy into strategies that others have set up.

    Going on the theory that what I would find useful will also appeal to others, it’s well worth a look!

  6. mymindinwords


    I’m a university student in the Netherlands, currently conducting research on ICOs for master’s thesis. I’m examining the way ICO investors make their investment decisions.

    My survey already has more than 90 answers. The more I get the more credible the results will be. I will then post my final paper along with some conclusions on all the subs that helped me gather the data.

    If you want to help, take a minute to fill out this small anonymous survey 🙂


  7. Sroka87


    ## Looking for subreddit for posting buy / sell orders – what’s it called?!

    The other day I found a subreddit that allows you to post buy or sell orders , but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

    Does anyone remember what it is called?


  8. inkvine83


    Looking forward to the point when all the people realize that Consensus won’t change anything and is already **heavily** priced in. 🙂 Will be a lot of fun the next weeks when the retarded so called “daytraders” take the 0.5% profits and BTC will make a fall. Can someone please post the suicidal hotline again in advance? Thanks!!

  9. denonpotato


    Anyone else still hodling BNTY? Doesn’t seem to be mentioned much here anymore. I’ve DCA over the last few weeks as I was around 80% down from Jan.

  10. masseteric


    Is AION even worth holding in the next few months? I’ve been bagholding this for like 5 months and it’s made zero progress, in sats or anything, vol is in the shit

  11. hurrdurrCS


    I think most easiest 3x-4x with money right now is GAS. Its been at 70$ many times and still think that Chinese will step in to crypto at some point, just in their own way and if so, NEO will be big and GAS gonna pump then for sure

  12. preciouscode96


    “consensus triggers a bullrun” “wallstreet bonusses are gonna be epic” “bullrun incoming” meanwhile we only see weird Bart Simpson patterns and not too much upwards movement over longer term

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