Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed


  1. happyscrappy


    All 4 cell carriers charge you like $35 for activation and they don’t have to install anything at all.

    Come on folks, you know this game. Companies try to hide their actual charges as fees. You can get these sunglasses free, just pay $20 shipping and handling. Join this gym, it’s only $19/month, but there’s a $50 initiation fee.

  2. coffeebeard


    We have Cox in this neck of the woods. I refuse to bundle. They charge me more for being internet only. I hate them, and I hate cable, and I hate having being strongarmed into buying services I don’t want, surely with cable box rental fees, and so on, so they will do me the favor of not charging me more just because I don’t want shitty cable, just their mediocre internet.

    All of these companies are slime and none of them deserve our money.

    Good thing they have their regional monopolies to prevent us from thinking about options.

  3. dnew


    “”These are all homes for sale in our footprint that previously had Comcast services.”

    No, those are homes for sale where the local law makes it illegal to charge a fee in those cases, I’d wager.

    And not to defend Comcast, but they do have stuff they have to do on their end to configure even your own router. Not $90 and a technician showing up, but just like prepaid phones, the first month is going to have an extra fee.

  4. meh679


    I had a Comcast representative walk up to me one day in a Walmart and she asked me how I liked my service, I replied with, “Well I don’t, but Comcast is the only company that services my area, and let’s be honest Comcast is a pretty terrible company” and of course I got all the reasons in the world why they weren’t that bad so I just had to walk off. Like I get its their job but at least pretend to be real with me

  5. dj3hac


    I had to pay a $50 setup fee for my local ISP to come plug in the modem. I had a pre existing internet connection and just wanted to add a second line. Absolutely no work had to be done as the wiring was already there, and the refused to not send out a tech to “set it up” which was literally attach (one of my own) splitters to the line, then plug both modems into the same splitter.

    It took longer for the modem to power on than it did for him to “set it up”, and I got charged $50 for that.

  6. scrubble89


    COX did the same thing to me. Technician came out, looked at the wall outside my apartment for fifteen minutes came back in and plugged in the router. I watched him through the window. After a call to COX they reduced the charge to a self-install.. still cost $29. So to plug in the router yourself costs $29

  7. GroggyOtter


    I’d like to point out that in my city, we have an ISP that charges EVERY person a $150 installation fee that involves them coming in, plugging in a modem, and then calling the NOC just to say “Hey, do you see it?”

    $150 for all but 5 minutes of work.

  8. maracle6


    This is how landlines died. How many others in their 30s noticed they were paying $30 to activate an already installed land line every time they moved in college?

    Of course there’s no credible broadband alternative for a lot of people. But someday there will be.

  9. tehmlem


    Coming soon to this thread “You can just call and have it taken off” and “People should check their bills better, this is on them.”

  10. Going2getBanned


    Yea. For those not smart enough to say no. I will install it myself. Grabs cable plugs into cable modem. Powers on modem.

    If you are that stupid to pay $90 for that. Good luck.

  11. mikechi2501


    Hopefully hard-wired internet/TV will be fading soon and then we can all look forward to “Comcast Wireless” or some other bullshit monopoly to pop up.

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