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  1. flameylamey


    Well damn, I had to do a double take just then. Was watching btc price, looked away for a couple minutes and came back to a sudden jump of $200.

    Let’s hope it keeps going this time.

  2. cryptopanda14


    Since I got into crypto, I saw 3 weeks of green and 4 months of red.

    It’s the equivalent of being at a party and seeing a pretty woman. She smiles at you, winks, then she comes over to you and kicks you really hard in the nuts. Then she just keeps kicking your ass while you’re on the ground, calling you a cunt the whole time.

  3. Arabian_Wolf


    Which projects in this space trying to solve the problem of simplifying deposits, withdrawing and key saving for cryptos?

    To make it easier, more secure, and easy to retrieve without the crypto disappearing forever, which also makes it easier for normies to invest in this space, bringing more money to the table.

  4. trixyd


    Rule 1: Always assume the market is going to fuck you. It will.

    Rule 2: Have reserve funds on hand to buy in during a bear market, accumulate solid projects like a mofo.

    Rule 3: When the market goes parabolic, sell 10-20% of your portfolio back to fiat.

    Rule 4: Rinse and repeat.

  5. Dyo_NL


    Last night I dreamed about being chased by a bull in my city, it was pretty scary to be honest. I woke up just before he was about to hit me with his horns. True story. Maybe it is a sign.

  6. Barmean


    Anybody else thinks this whole idea of losing your pass key to an account = forever losing your money will be a big obstacle to mass adoption?

    It s like losing your IBAN nowadays would make your funds lost also. There s a lot of distracted people out there.

  7. yves73


    Moonbois and tetherbois are actually the very same people, just in different moments in time. If they see alts are moving 0.5% up, they morph into a moonboi. Once they see that their alts go down, they put their tetherboi suit on and start crying on Reddit. Pathetic people with no lives. 100% attached to their crypto apps, switching between Blockfolio and Reddit 10000 times a day. Shaky hands, weak hands, sweat on the forehead. Sleep depriven. They talk about suicide when their losses go towards 50%.

    I will celebrate the days those folks are all dead and buried and crypto can move

  8. jamesdthomson


    Another day, another trading comp on Binance. CLOAK, announced 30 mins ago. History suggests it’s worth a punt even after all the inside traders have grabbed their loot.

  9. flinch85


    Yo dudes and dudettes,

    I’m about to release my UK crypto tax calculator. We have a limited number of beta accounts still available. If anyone would like to sign up you can do here:


    It’s anonymous (just need a valid Email address) and you’ll receive a free account when we release next week.

    The purpose of the beta is to have people test the system (obviously) but also to see which exchanges, features and tokens they’d like adding. Thanks (and sorry if you’ve seen this message before :)).

  10. Frans449


    Everybody, buy Waves. It’s the most undervalued coin out there. working product. Decentralised exchange (DEX). Smart contracts on testnet, Platform makes it easy for anyone to create your own token in a few seconds. Very cheap. Scalable NG blockchain for superfast transactions. Lots of airdrops for Waves HODLers. Great partnerships to be announced.

    No Brainer……

    You’re worth it

  11. Barmean


    So wtf did just happen?
    Needed to buy some XEM in order to buy in the darcmatter pre-sale. Transfered XEM from Bittrex to official wallet, went instantly. As soon as I entered my 2fa, the amount was already in wallet wtf. Prbbly Bittrex has a huge role in this, hats off to both.

  12. iuli123


    BAT, one of the coins that has nothing to do with consensus, and it is mooning like never before. What the fuck is wrong with cryptoworld 😀

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