Senate votes in favor of overturning FCC on Net Neutrality


  1. fraserPan


    Now, the house of Representatives, and finally the signature of our president.

    Unless Trump gets something in return from silicon valley, this is doa

  2. 5ykes


    This won’t be voted on unless a majority of the house wants it to be voted on, which is unlikely. Call your rep and demand it come up for a vote, especially if your rep is a Republican

  3. infidelux


    I’m afraid this is the Democrat equivalent to the Republicans voting to repeal Obamacare 55+ times. It isn’t going to get so much as a whisper on the House floor and Trump isn’t going to sign it unless it is passed with a 2/3rd majority making it veto proof.

  4. Now it’s time to vote for Democrats in the House election this November so we can pass this through there without the Republicans blocking it. And if Trump refuses to sign, then you know what to do in 2020.

  5. nikon_nomad


    There was another thread earlier on the front page about calling your representatives to make your voice heard. Many people were apathetic, saying “it won’t make a difference” and that they’ll vote for the big ISPs.

    I was watching Reuters Live after the vote, and one senator was talking about how a representative got 6000 phone calls supporting net neutrality, and 10 against. That sends a pretty clear message about what the people actually want. And there are definitely politicians out there who care about that message.

    The calls matter.

  6. *The Democrats (and 3 Republicans) of the Senate have voted to restore Net Neutrality.

    Don’t give credit where it isn’t due. This is the literal definition of a partisan issue, and the Republicans have voted against it en masse due to their selfish interests.

    The “both parties are the same” argument is as dumb of a statement as “Red and green are the same because they’re both colors.”

  7. foxtrot5


    So does this mean that the title ii regulations from 2014 still stand?

    What’s stopping Ajit Pai from trying to do this all over again by changing like 1 sentence in his repeal and calling it a new thing?

  8. Braden0732


    Even if by some miracle they picked it up in the House it would likely die on the floor.

    If by some ultra-miracle it made it made it to vote it would not pass the republican controlled House.

    If by some super-mega-ultra-miracle the stars aligned and a few republicans went against their party line, risking their political careers and kissing goodbye to thousands of dollars in donations from telecom giants, ol’ Donny would veto it with a stroke of a pen since that is what the majority of republicans in the party would want, regardless of the few that were in favor of net neutrality.

    Today’s vote was purely symbolic. We lost the fight. If we want to win the war it needs to happen in the mid-terms.

  9. sta7ic


    This is purely a symbolic win at this point considering what it would take to fully overturn the decision, but I’ll take it.

    Vote your rep out if they didn’t vote the way you wanted them to.

  10. MakoTrip


    Step 1 is finished! Good job on everyone getting the word out, but now the hard part comes. Get on the horn with your Reps now and tell them to vote yes as is, no riders or amendments. This is the scariest part, making sure they don’t jack it up on back end.

    Our job is not done yet, but everyone is doing great so far. Keep it up!

  11. AllergicMoose


    HUGE shout out to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine); Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.); and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) for coming through on this big win for the Internet.

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