Solar energy in California: We’ll never go to war to take another country’s sunshine


  1. NegStatus


    Also California: We’re going to close our last nuclear plant even though nuclear is the safest (fewest deaths per kWh) with far lower CO2 emissions than solar because feelings.

  2. tuseroni


    just wait til it’s possible.

    for instance: you may have a situation where solar energy is used to create a liquid or solid fuel that can be exported along existing oil pipelines or trade routes, in this case a country closer to the equator, with lots of land not being used for living…like..a desert say…and plenty of infrastructure for the creation and exportation of petroleum might have be better at making and distributing this material.

  3. Godspiral


    The first comment there recommends carbon tax and dividend, which I am all in favour of.

    Yet, mandating solar on houses is a favour for when carbon tax and dividend is implemented, and it is much cheaper to integrate solar during construction with open walls, and as is usual in new home development, with 5-20 houses at a time.

    The only cost that is different from utility scale solar is that the panels aren’t installed near ground level. There’s no further discount on panels from a container full, and if you order a couple of containers a month, volume discounts comparable to utilities can be had.

    It also saves time for electricians (open wall wiring) and installers freeing them to do more homes.

  4. korinth86


    Only problem is that CA has some pretty bad deals for solar. My MIL in LA wanted to do it. She couldn’t sell her power, she couldn’t even use the power she generated. She had to lease the panels and buy power from the utility at a very slight discount.

    All in all it would cost her more until something like 8-10 years later. Even then it was barely a better deal. Just not worth it.

    Maybe it’s just her circumstance but I looked at the details and it made no sense that she couldn’t use the power she generated

  5. Sinnsearachd


    No, they will just push more laws on private citizen’s lands, forcing all new home builders to buy solar panels, thus driving up home building prices in an area which desperately needs more housing and which the middle class and below is already being driven out because they can’t afford to buy homes. That’s all.

  6. yompers949


    Don’t forget they can also drastically worsen their housing crisis by mandating that houses be made more expensive when the land is already worth more than most people are able to afford. Roughly 60000 homeless people in LA are going to absolutely love their new solar panel roof.

  7. Jonruy


    I think there’s a fair argument to be made against *requiring* solar panels. A tax credit towards installation might not be a bad idea, depending on how much money is saved annually by utilities not having to generate the power themselves.

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