Entrepreneurship in EdTech: What was your experience like starting a business?

Hello there,

For those of you who have: started/are starting/made an attempt to start a business in the realm of edTech, what was your experience like at the very beginning stages of your endeavor?

Currently, I am working to become involved in my local education entrepreneurship community. I am spending a lot of my time learning what it takes to create a business in this space and identifying what exactly I would want to create. I really am focusing on the higher education side of the spectrum, particularly solutions and methods of self-directed learning.

I do feel a bit lost and overwhelmed and I would love insight and guidance regarding the approach you may have taken!

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  1. Runner1928


    I joined an ed-tech start-up as the sole full time employee (though not CEO). It was hard to find the right business plan. Selling to students or parents requires finding new customers constantly: lots of ad spending. Selling to schools requires you find the right schools exactly at the right point in their budget cycle and between contracts in the niche you and your competitors are in. Selling business to business requires you have evidence your product improves outcomes, which is difficult for a new company.

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