Ajit Pai Is Twisting the Meaning of the “Open Internet” – Don’t be fooled by the FCC chairman’s Orwellian argument justifying the repeal of net neutrality.


  1. Jabberminor


    Ajit Pai is a twat, I get that. But condoning violence against him is going to get you banned as we don’t condone violence at all.

    However, please use this opportunity to discuss what can be done to repel this. Words speak louder than action. The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.

  2. Hshbrwn


    Dumb question but if Comcast or another isp decided they didn’t like a congressman or a governor could they block traffic to that site or slow it to a crawl? I guess what I am asking is could they steer away people from views negative to them by politicians legally? Politician A supports our agenda his website is perfectly fine. Politician B doesn’t and people wont have access to his website. My laymen understanding is they could.

  3. jeanleaner


    Using Orwellian to describe the government stepping out of a regulation arena might be the single most ignorant usage of the term I’ve ever heard. Have none of you even READ Orwell?

  4. tikevin83


    Net Neutrality is a good idea but the government failing to enforce it via regulation is the exact opposite of “Orwellian.” Orwell did not envision a corporatocracy, he envisioned a totalitarian police state that would use regulations like net neutrality as a guise to control the flow of information.

  5. keilwerth



    >Under the new rules, internet providers will be allowed to do whatever they want with their network traffic, including blocking access to websites or charging websites a fee to reach users faster.

    I understand that much of reddit hates this – largely because they’re told to – however, this is the crux of free enterprise: it’s not the government’s place to tell business how to run their operations (so long as they are operating lawfully).

    >But the truth is that most Americans have no more than one, maybe two, choices when it comes to high-speed internet.

    **THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM**. And the previous NN regulations didn’t address it. It is also why the FTC – and not the FCC – should be the governing body here, they have power (along with the Treasury Dept) to step up measures that prevent monopolies – one of which we’ll probably see upheld in court today.

  6. jdawg0507


    we need to get this to the general population, just spamming “net neutrality, now upvote me” especially on Reddit only closes it off. you have to get it to the masses. call Google, call Wikipedia, call Netflix and get the information out. people don’t know it threatens their way of life because they don’t fucking know.

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