Daily Discussion, June 12, 2018

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Suggested Topics

  • Screenshots
    • of article headlines without the article
    • of your favorite price ticker
    • of your exchange website
    • of your private chats
  • Wallet/Exchange/Network
    • recommendations
    • complaints
    • service outages
    • troubleshooting
    • fee estimation
    • unconfirmed transactions
  • All things price
    • hodling
    • the dip
    • the moon
    • price going up
    • price going down
    • technical analysis
    • price on your smart phone
    • price on your smart watch
  • Stuff you bought with Bitcoin
    • Hardware wallets
    • Lambos
    • Teslas
    • Pizza
  • Questions
    • Receiving Bitcoin
    • Sending Bitcoin
    • Earning Bitcoin
    • Storing Bitcoin
    • Buying Bitcoin
    • Selling Bitcoin
  • That thing your coworker said
  • Bitcoin Showerthoughts
  • Random music videos
  • Bitcoin license plates
  • Interesting threads
  • Future speculation
  • News of the day
  • Memes, GIFs
  • Twitter links

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  1. Honestly, it’s starting to feel like people are losing interest in Bitcoin in general. There’s not enough to recover the price every time there’s a dip.

    There’s just not the excitement and promises of the past years. It’s been years since people have been talking about Bitcoin replacing currencies soon, or at least payments like visa. But after 9 years, how many stores in your town have you seen accept Bitcoin?

  2. mdk72002


    Thank you to everybody that is selling. We finally had a reasonable way to dethrone the banks that have an extreme chokehold on the world.

    Thank you so much for proving the bankers right that said bitcoin is a bubble and will crash to zero while they take 700 billion dollar bailouts to lend your own money back to you while paying themselves million dollar bonuses with said money. Bravo.

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