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  1. Cockatiel


    Time to be on the lookout bfor Coinbase’s next addition. Imo they are releasing ETC because they already had it and no need to buy in and cause more distrust like BCHm infact they repair trust because they gave it a few months window.

    During these next month or two they will start to accumulate their next addition while the market is low. Slow, steady, 2-3% returns per day for a few weeks is one good indicator of their next asset. ETC is a decoy the real one is coming up.

  2. I got some extra funds to toss a $200 flyer on.

    I naturally always want to buy more of my favorite Stellar XLM but was considering grabbing something else. Anyone wanna toss me a interesting project for me to read up on?

  3. Cockatiel


    Pretty obvious to see Binance and Coinbase colluding. ETC just happens to be listed on Coinbase and then an two hours later it gets BNB and USDT pairs too?

  4. trb0x


    If you look at the charts, at least no one can accuse coinbase of insider trading with ETC. Maybe that was the point in announcing their intention to add it, to see if their staff was going to keep quiet about it before the announcement this time around, unlike what happened with BCH. Testing the waters before they add the bigger coins?

  5. bitkush


    When everyone is fearful, be greedy. I know I’m buying right now. Wether btc drops below 5k or goes up, these are the lowest prices I’ve seen since I very first entered.

    You have to ask yourself, if I was buying bitcoin at 12k (or whatever double digit price) and it was a good deal then, why the hell aren’t I buying right Now?

  6. AllahuSnackbarr


    Can we not act like idiots when BTC dips/crashes or the market drops 15-20b in under an hour? Newbies who come to a subreddit looking for advice just see negativity and are possibly put off investing. Why dont we educate them on what to do when it crashes/dips or when their portfolio is in the red because BTC dropped 1000-2000?

  7. simmol


    New updated list normalized to 5/29 when BTC was hovering around 7K. We have been around 6.7 to 6.9K for over 36 hours now so it is bad but at least stable at the moment.

    1. BNB: +33.6%
    2. ONT: +17.2%
    3. ETC: +8.82%
    4. VEN: +5.75%
    5. IOTA: +3.68%
    6. ETH: +3.65%
    7. DGD: +2.82%
    8. ZIL: +1.78%
    9. OMG: +1.35%
    10. XLM: -0.71%
    11. AE: -3.02%
    12. EOS: -3.25%
    13. BTC: -3.44%
    14. ICX: -4.07%
    15. NEO: -6.23%
    16. BTS: -6.7%
    17. Nano: -11.3%
    18. ENG: -13.2%
    19. TRX: -21.7%
    20. REQ: -24.3%

    Some thoughts.

    1. BNB has clearly separated itself from the pack but I suspect that ONT will not be too far behind soon. These two are heads and shoulders above the rest right now.

    2. Obviously, ETC has had a great day but not sure how long this will last. Will it be near the top of the June chart or was this a one time thing?

    3. REQ is under 10 cents. Not sure what can help REQ at the moment (and it seems like I keep on repeating myself here).

  8. FFRRii33NNDD


    Whats a good entry price for BNB, If I’m planning to hold at least till EOY? Is it wise to hold a large portion of portfolio as BNB? Am I too late/is this me FOMOing into a coin?

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