Have /r/Bitcoin Mods lost their Mind?

Im lost for words


im a BTC holder and believer. recently there was a Post in the Bitcoin subreddit about the extremely low fees in the current lightning Network. OP claimed that Bitcoin with lightning has the lowest fees compared to all other alts.

while im a strong believer in Bitcoin i also dislike the spreading of false claims about the projects i follow either good or bad. so i stated that while Lightning works amazing so far, to claim it has the lowest fees compared to all other alts is factually incorrect.

now 1 day later im banned for 90 days from the bitcoin subreddit. what the actual fuck? is this normal?

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  1. You post anything that doesn’t fit their / core’s narrative you get banned. It’s well documented over on /r/btc . It’d be great if the BTC supporters would move over as well so that it could be a balanced discussion.

  2. Trev_Holland


    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about subreddits, it’s that when you visit a sub for anything specific – Bitcoin, Pokemon, doesn’t matter – you either conform to their thought process, or you get locked out.

    People visit these subreddits to feel good about where they’re spending their time and money. Sure, it’s one big circle-jerk, but that’s just how it is. They want to go into an echo chamber and say, “It’s totally cool I put thousands of dollars into Bitcoin, it’s the best. It’s going to moon by the end of the year!” And they only want people to affirm that thought process.

    I see the same thing in this sub, too. Every time the market starts to tank hard, this sub gets filled with “HODL TIGHT BROTHERS! IT’LL REBOUND SOON!” and any post that comes in and says “guys, you’ve been saying that for months and it’s still going down” gets downvoted to hell.

  3. BitcoinXio


    Yes, they have. They lost their minds back in 2015 when they started their massive censorship and propaganda campaign. Some might say they didn’t ‘lose their minds’ per say but ‘fattened their pockets’. There is no definitive proof of them being paid for their censorship and propaganda in favor of small blocks but six months ago we did uncover them working with people from Blockstream to hack and vote manipulate on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7eil12/evidence_that_the_mods_of_rbitcoin_may_have_been/

    Edit: lol /u/bashco has deleted all his comments in this thread trying to cover his tracks. What do you have to hide? Busted again! Back to your safe place I see.

  4. nzalog


    /r/Bitcoin is a pretty terrible sub. They basically shill bitcoin but in a forceful way that doesn’t allow bitcoin to sell itself. They are doing more harm than good to bitcoin, people with money don’t fall for bullshit like that. Trying to control a narrative that hard scares smart people off.

  5. ahsanpreneur


    While I’m new to r/bitcoin but I have learned that thing that place is not for freedom. We cannot write our opinions there if it’s against them by anyway.

  6. CVDP61


    I dont understand why reddit allows this kind of moderating, its a joke really, every sub i visit gets censored excluding the drum and bass sub-reddits.

  7. btcnewsupdates


    Yes it is normal, and it should tell you that everything you thought was true coming from that sub was actually heavily moderated for years and controlled narratives, aka: misleading and lies.

    You were warned!

  8. Kain_niaK


    [Bitcoin has been compromised by people that want to destroy Bitcoin.](https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/6rxw7k/informative_btc_vs_bch_articles/dl8v4lp/)

    They prevented the system from growing normally by hijacking the debate, and using censorship and propaganda to make it look like most people wanted small blocks.

    Many people fell for this. So many people fell for this that there are people that believe that anything but small blocks is a scam.

    Well even 32 MB blocks are small. It’s not 1995 anymore.

    Anyway, read and wheep — >https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/6rxw7k/informative_btc_vs_bch_articles/dl8v4lp/

    /r/bitcoin is not free. The Bitcoin-BTC chain is not free because it does not give businesses the option for on chain or off chain … it forces them off chain.

    Which explains why the market cap of Bitcoin and it’s dominance is still going down, businesses want a reliable chain to build on top of, one that gives them room for growing.

    If a business tomorrow wants to build it’s business on Bitcoin-BTC and put a million tx on chain … they can’t.

    They are forced to go with other chains.

  9. Sorry m0za. From what I can tell, it all started here unfortunately: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3h9cq4/its_time_for_a_break_about_the_recent_mess/?ref=share&ref_source=link](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3h9cq4/its_time_for_a_break_about_the_recent_mess/?ref=share&ref_source=link)

    I honestly can’t fathom this level of wilful embrace of lies and illusion. Sorry you were casualty.

    Not sure whether it’s worth saying it, but you could try r/btc. As a BTC supporter, you’ll be part of a shrinking minority there (most BCH), but at least they’ll support your right to speak your mind. The sub was actually started by people banned from r/bitcoin who were fed up with this kind of ridiculous censorship.

  10. tojelora


    I also got banned from the subreddit despite being a big BTC supporter. Shit’s gotten out of hand, the mods are paranoid af about everyone being an “altcoin shill”

  11. cr0ft


    North Korea – the actual country – is less censored and oppressive than /r/Bitcoin

    If you’re not yet banned from there, you’re either an active BTC stooge, a memer or a fawning sycophant.

    Unfortunately, newbies go there and some of them get sucked into the mind warp and start to go on Twitter writing nothing but “bcash bcash bcash” on most posts.

  12. cam130894


    Are you the one who stated NANO? I read your comment and was thinking to myself this guy is getting into trouble very soon from these maniac mods. Sometime I feel r/btc is a better subreddit but even they act very childish there.

  13. morli


    They banned me for simply saying in reply to someone saying that r/btc was created to promote BCH, that r/btc was originally not a BCH subreddit, and that it was originally for uncensored BTC discussion. Which is absolutely 100% true. They are insane.

  14. normal_rc


    > now 1 day later im banned for 90 days from the bitcoin subreddit. what the actual fuck? is this normal?


    Just ask Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, who was censored by rBitcoin back in 2015:

    > “I just unsubscribed rBitcoin and subscribed rBTC” – Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase (largest fiat gateway for crypto), Nov 2015




    Or ask Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, about the absurd censorship on rBitcoin:


    The Blockstream / Core / Theymos censorship even extends to Bitcoin.org, where they recently removed all references to Coinbase (#1 largest fiat gateway) and Bitpay (#1 largest payment processor) for having the wrong opinions.

    I go through the long history of rBitcoin censorship [here](https://www.yours.org/content/how-bitcoin-btc-was-hijacked–and-why-bitcoin-cash-was-created-24c7314b8b8f).

  15. MrCryptoBeard


    /r/Bitcoin mods will nuke and ban every comment that is even mentioning any other coins or “non core” coin. This has been going on for a long while now. Don’t follow /r/Bitcoin.

  16. Hik_hik


    Just proves emotional investment in any tech/coin is bad thing. We can discuss ideas for improvement and at least should be able to discuss some pitfalls of a technology behind a coin.

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