One of the biggest propaganda lies regarding Net Neutrality is that it didn’t exist before 2015. So here’s an article from 2014 detailing the history of NN.


  1. LifeFiasco


    I can personally remember the NN debate starting to ramp up in 98-00 within the tech community.
    It existed long before, but started to come under attack then.

  2. cryo


    While net neutrality has definitely existed as long as the internet, the hot topic is strictly about net neutrality *legislation*, not the concept as such. The article you link to doesn’t support your seeming claim that NN legislation goes back for years. In fact, it explains how, on some levels, the internet isn’t really neutral (peering agreements, content provider agreements etc.), while it’s largely neutral at the end user level.

  3. SOberhoff


    Maybe I’m being dense but to me the article doesn’t show what OP claims it does. In fact it sounds like the opposite in places:

    >In the 1996 Telecom Act, Congress made a distinction between two types of services: “telecommunications services” and “information services.” “Telecommunications services” transmit a user’s information from one designated point to another without changing the form or content of that information. For example, a phone call transmits the user’s voice from one point to another without changing the content of the voice message, similar to the way a shipping company would deliver a package that you hand to it. “Information services,” on the other hand, offer a user the capability to create, store, or process information… Based on the definitions in the 1996 Telecom Act, the FCC classified cable broadband as an “information service” and as a result it is not treated as a common carrier service and is largely exempt from regulation. This was to encourage innovation and investment in private infrastructure and preclude unnecessary government intervention.

  4. Kaarous


    One of the biggest lies about this so called propaganda is that anyone thinks that we’re talking about the principle and not the regulation.

    The Federal Trade Commission, FTC, is supposed to handle monopolies and unfair trade practices, not the FCC. And they still do.

  5. prjindigo


    The biggest propaganda lie about net neutrality is that it protected consumers from predatory actions of large companies.

    It PROTECTED the ISP’s from prosecution for consumer abuse.

  6. weedfreer


    democratic led FCC?

    Wasn’t it more that there was a democratic leader of the house but rather a republican house all told…and isnt it the Republican house who would have basically got to drive such policies with little say from its democratic leader?

  7. koprulu_sector


    This irks me to no end. You can google net neutrality and set the date to 1993 – 2000. Its all over the place.

    What happened in 2015 was the FCC reclassified broadband from Title I to Title II after a court ruling that said they would need to do that if they wanted to keep enforcing net neutrality on carriers.

    It’s not new. This is a lie perpetuated by the far right.

  8. gayhipstercop


    The background behind why NN laws were passed in 2015 was due to public outrage that the *then Democratic-led FCC* had just approved fast and slow lanes at the behest of ISP lobbying.

    The FCC reversed their decision because of this public outrage and passed regulation to protect us from this happening in the future.

    The removal of the protections passed in 2015 didn’t restore us to pre-2015 internet. In fact, we are now in uncharted territory, with the fewest protections we have ever had.

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