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  1. Whales trying to flush weak hands out must be seriously suffering from diminishing returns at this point. Who is phased by 6, 5 or even 4k BTC?

    I personally think that anyone who has held to this point is simply going to add to their position regardless of how far it drops, I know I am

  2. The-Physicist


    So when bitcoin eventually moons again, and believe me it will happen, what do you guys plan to do with your riches?

    I plan to “retire” and devote my life full time to studying physics, mathematics and inventing. I will enjoy doing so in a beautiful secluded house in the country. Away from certain annoying people, traffic and other frustrations of congested living. One with nature.
    I look forward to long hikes in the mountains and kayak trips down the river.

    HODL on tight folks to your dreams. Nothing comes easy in life. Even bitcoin.

  3. USApwnKorean


    I predict Bitcoin will shoot right back up to $11,459.00 after the 4th of July.

    People are spending their money on ribs and beer, stockpiling at the moment.

  4. donormyl


    I began to invest in march, I knew the market will be bearish till at least, next year and I knew i won’t touch this monney before years from now.

    I have made my own researches, i read articles every days on crypto or blockchain and i am not panicking at all, at the contrary i have never been so confident in my investments.

    there are absolutely no news that can justify such a decrease, this is the “future” effect:

    Fucking price manipulation on a bearish-low volume market full of dumbies.

    This drop is a bless, right now i am just waiting it to touch the bottom before investing again.

  5. Shaking out the final weak hands. Also to consider is the people who shorted much higher, then bought in at a nice lower point only to see it drop more and short again. I think we are seeing compounded generational shortness. I think people are looking at that 6k early February bottom for support but I don’t think it will hold. Anyone want to bet on next bottom? I bet 1 dogecoin it will be 5400.

  6. iTzGodlikexS


    Mcafee said 15k prediction is delayed by 30 days because of the hack. Still dont think its going to happen, if it hits 15k i think concidering cashing out.

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