A free website to teach students how to nail their job interview!

Here is a great FREE resource to help prepare your students for the job force! – https://boldvue.com/ – helps your students practice job interviewing skills in a fun way.

Many young people have a really hard time expressing themselves effectively in an interview. And quite often it’s mostly because they just don’t know the “tricks of the trade.” To truly nail a job interview your students need three things – the right questions to practice, an understanding of how to answer those questions effectively, and feedback on the job interview answers they are giving in their job interviews. Boldvue aims to address these three needs.

When your students log into Boldvue, they’ll see videos of other people who have answered job interview questions (kind of like youtube). From watching these videos, they’ll learn what works (and doesn’t) in giving effective answers. They’ll see how others tell stories, what kind of mannerisms they use, the length of answer they should shoot for and much more. Afterwards, they can record themselves answering job interview questions and get feedback! They can share these videos publicly with the Boldvue community or privately with their classmates, friends and family, who will then rate their video and give them the feedback they need to improve their answer.

If you are in a position where you are helping students find jobs or preparing them for the workforce, you should try using Boldvue!

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