Are interactive whiteboards a waste of money?


  1. I can’t help but feel that the biggest problem with interactive white boards has been a lack of training for teachers – schools just put them up in every classroom without investing in any meaningful way in training staff on how to use them.
    I use my whiteboard in a much more sophisticated way that I could if it was just a projector and a screen – but the only reason that I’m able to do that is from trawling blogs and forums for ideas.
    I’ve lost track of the number of senior school leaders that don’t know that an interactive whiteboard is anything more than a projector screen.
    Seems like the main problem is something of which this is highly emblematical:
    School leaders invest in technology because slick salesmen convince them of its benefits using spurious statistics. Schools buy into all kind of apps and devices without making a long term plan to train people on an ongoing basis and without any notion of how to evaluate the impact of it.

  2. Yes. You could easily approximate that with a tablet and a projector for a fraction of the cost, and it would be more flexible and effective (since you can watch the class while using it).

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