Daily Discussion, August 09, 2018

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  1. Here’s a question to the Bitcoin accumulater crowd. Wouldn’t selling your bitcoin now be the best way to end up with a greater quantity of bitcoin? If you sell for 100 and the price drops to 90 then you can buy 90 dollars worth plus and extra 10 dollars worth.

    What would be the benefit to buying right now when the market is looking so poor?

  2. vidaru-x


    Tether has 400k worth of bitcoin currently stored in it’s value. I’m pretty sure everyone who owns Tether is intending to come back to Bitcoin. Just chill people, the market is doing fine.

  3. skaska23


    If everyone sell when the price is above the price he payed for or mined for, then the price can go only higher in long term. Who dont get it pls sell it now.

  4. nishbot


    What you all fail to understand is that the value of bitcoin is predicated on only one thing: what someone else is willing to pay for it. There is no earnings or revenue or value building behind it. Just simply what someone else is willing to pay for it. Similar to a baseball trading card. You all have $6300 baseball trading cards.

    Now the technology powering it, the block chain, that is revolutionary, and if you all had focused on making blockchain a technology that is vital to daily life, ironically, bitcoin would be worth millions.

    But instead, you crypto-traders are hoping someone will buy your bitcoin for more than you paid for it.

    Hate me. Downvote me. You know I’m right.

  5. Talkless


    Where could I buy ebooks, especially The Bitcoin Standard, with bitcoin?

    I own Kobo reader, and it’s store does not accept Bitcoin yet. It would be nice if we at least could have Bitrefill support for Kobo gitf cards…

    Anyway, is there a e-shop where I could buy epub’s using Bitcoin?


    EDIT: please do not suggest Amazon via gitft cards / purse.io, I need “independent” epubs, not Kindle stuff…

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