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  1. elninochino


    Any reason why Ethereum Classic is down 25% recently when it’s will be/likely to be listed on Coinbase? P.s I could swear I saw it as an entry in Coinbase app earlier today, not there anymore.

  2. punchbagged


    Anyone have any idea why in my 20 coin portfolio 19 of the coins move up and down in unison but fortuna (FOTA) seems to always do the opposite? Is that a sign of manipulation? Or something less sinister?

  3. arsonbunny


    You’re not going to get rich with your obscure shitcoin that serves no purpose. Just because its $1 now does not mean it will be $10,000 in a few years, you’re not going to pick the “next Bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero..etc” Its important to realize that.

    Just because we had a few massive moons based on bid-ask spread pushing by a few large actors exploiting tiny liquidity and trade volume prior to 2014, and subsequently another large moon last year after we passed $1000 does not mean we will surely see future moons. The past does not indicate the future. Bitcoin and crypto is mainstream knowledge now, it may very well rise in fiat exchange terms only with natural demand driven by with adoption and utility, not great fool pyramids. Focus more on using crypto and telling others about its practical uses, rather than trying to hype people on the internet about how the next moon is around the corner.

  4. adevol


    I’ve always known most alts were extremely overpriced… But for the longest time the market didn’t seem to care so I accepted that I was wrong. Now I managed to get burned in this absolute slaughter of alts anyway.

  5. soar-x


    Not a fan of technical analysis, but the RSI rarely ever bottoms; sort of saw this small bounce coming. Don’t know if it’ll be permanent though.

  6. PuppetPatrol


    Okay I’ve got a banger of a stupid question – from general feeling what dollar value do people think bitcoin should have – say in years to come what could it settle around.

    Ive put a fair bit of money into alts (by my own personal standards) and am now considering the possibility that I’ve paid 100 buckos for a can of coke equivalent. I don’t really mind since it’s all hindsight so I guess my alts were just way over stated and I was and am too amateur to spot it but what, if possible, is bitcoins potential inherent value iyo

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