I’m sure there are many of us part of this


  1. luxuryballs


    Before the recent spike I went into USDT at 6500 expecting it to dip lower. Then everything spiked up to 8500, I watched, I waited. Then I was sure it was going higher so I FOMO back in at 7500 after the Starbucks/Microsoft/NYSE news. Now it’s back down.

    This happens to me every time I try any fancy moves. I should literally publish what I am doing so people can do the opposite because it’s a trend now.

  2. jsheppy16


    I better be getting compensated for my participation in this smut. I signed no release of identity. OP, you’ll be hearing from my vast team of zero attorneys.

  3. nightly_nukes


    Every other week there is people screaming about price. Here’s some advice, calm down. Follow the new technical developments within the space. Or I can go fuck myself. Probably the latter.

  4. ashervisalis


    I’m one of those plebs who got in during December. Calculated it a while ago. I’ve put in over $5,000, and my investment is now worth $600. Can’t say it’s not somewhat depressing, but truth is I knew crypto was a risky investment when I entered.

  5. Warr1979


    I don’t know how many are new here but I’ve been going on a mini Alt coin buying shopping spree. 12-16 months from now you might look at this week and say DAMN I should of bought

  6. MalakezDarnos


    I have literally been buying the same amount weekly since Christmas. I love the fact it’s going down, i feel for you day traders but this is like Christmas to me at the moment. !RemindMe 10 years from now.

  7. RockingDyno


    Damn, I stopped paying close attention, I was like “Wasn’t it just up? I thought people where shouting bull run and epic support”. That was just last week.

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