Bitcoin has stabilized?


  1. crypto_profi


    Well, Bitcoin has stabilized at almost 6500$/coin. I’m tired of waiting for a jump, so I’m taking the loss and getting my cash back.

    P.S. Please screenshot this message for the future =)

  2. If you consciously hodl’d through the dark winter of bitcoin from 2013-2016 you deserve every penny of your wealth, imo.

    Let alone if you found out about it, saw the value, got in and bought + hodl’d from 2011 (!) onwards.

    I admire your vision, understanding and balls of steel, sirs.

  3. parishiIt0n


    To paraphrase the founder of Berkshire Hathaway: the crypto market is the place were wealth from people without patience is transferred to people with patience

  4. CryptoxGEEK


    If it dropped to 5K, definitely 4K I’d say there would be more panic than right now… It still is an inflated coin with many issues. Both total volume and the total transactions per second. When others exist that can do one better than Bitcoin it’s hard to place it at the top just because it was a ” first mover”. Many industries have seen brands go off into the sunset. Bitcoin will always have a place in history but I find it hard to put it as the end successor for crypto looking to the future. But it’s quite a “toss-up” for what will emerge from the other projects. Maybe a year or two until we see definitive options in real use by those outside of the inner circle. It’s comming…

  5. MC20177


    Tommy boy!! What have you done!!!!

    To me it’s like gambling. If you i lose the money I’m a fuckin idiot and have laugh…. but if i win…. if we win this giant parlay…. goodness boys were having an even bigger laugh all the way to the bank

  6. Koyander


    Things were different back then…back then there was no bank issues, govt directives, no banning, not many hacks, scams but now it is the reality, Bitcoin is suffering from setbacks, govts having issues, banks having discomfort, exchanges getting hacked, whales playing gods so there is a serious concerns for future of Bitcoin.

  7. parthapratimpal


    this crypto market is not for those who thinks for short term gain, If you want to get maximum from it, you have to have patience and you have to think for long term.

    study shows most of the short term trader suffer losses than long term investor.

    So be positive, Be Hodler, Don’t be panicked.

  8. Can we just fucking come to terms with the fact that the price only goes up when we feel completely hopeless. Next time it goes up we have to remember to stay complacent so it will keep going up

  9. Raster_Eyes


    Anybody who takes a loss with bitcoin is an impatient chump with baby hands. The longest anyone has ever had to hold bitcoin to see profit is 3 years. That isn’t a very long time in the world of investing to have to wait.

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