Sinclair’s Bid to Monopolize Local TV News Is Officially Dead – Tribune Media has scrapped its merger deal and has accused Sinclair of “unnecessarily aggressive” behavior.


  1. LudovicoSpecs


    This is an issue everyone needs to keep an eye on. With more and more people cutting the cord and relying more heavily on antennas, those local news broadcasts are going to carry a lot of weight– particularly in rural areas that don’t have 20 stations to choose from.

    Next time you’re out “in the boondocks”– check out what stations are available at the bars and motels– that’s what the folks at home are watching. Believe it or not, the majority of Americans still don’t live in big cities. Those local affiliates hold a lot of sway out there.

  2. Endarkend


    Did Sinclair not pay A Shit Pie enough or did the people that have had him in their pocket for far longer, the big communications giants, not want Sinclair to raise to that level of competition?

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