Just bought beer with bitcoin in Hong Kong, cheers!


  1. OmgOwner


    I just bought some tooth paste on Purse.io using BTC.

    In case you guys don’t know what Purse.io is it allows you to buy stuff that you would buy on Amazon. You put your desired Amazon item in your Amazon wish list and export it to Purse.io.

    There at Purse.io you then pay in BTC for the item you exported from your Amazon account but you get a 15% discount on the Amazon price and up to 30% + discount once your trustworthiness is established. I saved 15% over the Amazon price for the toothpaste by simply buying it via Purse.io. It is my first purchase so far.

    A nice way to use BTC and actually be rewarded for doing so. Win win!

  2. I miss Tsingtao….

    I lived in China for a while and you never knew what you were going to get in terms of alcohol content. You could be drunk after three bottles or go through a six-pack without so much as a buzz. We called it lottery beer.

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