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Hello friends!

I saw a really good deal on a Rocketbook the other day and it got me thinking. I'm always trying to teach my students how to take notes better and I've finally got some tech in my classroom (a very beloved Smartboard on its final legs). I teach English as a Second Language to elementary students who have parents with little to no literacy in any language. My thought was to use a smart notebook of some kind, that can simulcast onto a smartboard so the kids can see me writing, what I'm writing and copy a whole lot easier than if I were to write it on the smartboard with a big pen. I would then put those notes on a class webpage and, before I leave school, record what the notes say in both English and Spanish so that the parents know what is going on. On the first day of school, I'd send each student home with a QR scanner code that would link to the website. Now my question for you all is:

1) Is there a smart notebook that is able to do this? What is the best within a reasonable budget (I'm willing to spend around 100)?

2) Can an iPad do this? Could I link it up? Would this be easy to do? I'd rather use something bigger and has this sole purpose in mind.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

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  1. IN33DAB33R


    Microsoft Whiteboard –
    You can share the board with your students and they can see and even manipulate it on their screens (with your permission) as you are drawing on the smart board.

    Super cool program that I do not see used enough.

    To add it will work on any device with the internet – the Actual app has more features, but the online version that will run on a chrome book or whatever works great.

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