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  1. blockchainery


    I realize now that I haven’t been looking at the Daily at all for a couple weeks now. Ever since the new rules cut the number of comments dramatically

    Guess I came here for the wide range of thoughts and opinions

  2. Has anyone used Coin Payments as the payment provider on their website to accept cryptocurrencies at all? They look pretty legit after investigating their website but thought I would ask here as well.

  3. CRHinson


    I have added RSR to my list on MyEtherWallet and the tokens have still not shown up after an hour? The address was correct, but the tokens are missing. What am I doing wrong? They have not shown up on Etherscan as well. The exchange shows that they have been sent

  4. Edmund_N


    **Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Industry News – (08.02.19 – 08.09.19)**

    *Total Market Cap, as of 08.09.19 at 12:00pm (PST): U.S. $302,670,290,417 ( +6.97%)*

    ***Missed last week’s update?*** [*Click here for a summary*](https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/cmj9lk/daily_discussion_august_6_2019_gmt0/ew31wpf/?context=3)


    · A rumor is circulating online of a large-scale KYC data breach of **Binance** users which was leaked on a public Telegram channel. The exchange has since offered a reward of up to 25 to anyone that can help catch the individual. An ongoing investigation by the firm suggests there are “inconsistencies with the data” shared on social media relative to the data it holds in its systems for KYC compliance.


    · **Bitcoin(dot)com** has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange service on its site slated to launch early September 2019.

    · Japanese based exchange **BitPoint** resumes operations amid its hack which occurred on July 11th, 2019.

    · U.S. based stock and crypto trading app **Robinhood** to expand in the UK after receiving regulatory approval from the **Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)**.

    · **Coinbase** lists **Tezos** (XTZ) on its web, Android and iOS versions of the platform.


    · The **department of** **Federal Revenue** of Brazil has issued guidance stating that cryptocurrency transactions in excess of $30,000 Brazilian reals must be reported to tax authorities.

    · **Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO)** of Thailand has stated the agency has intentions to amend the Anti-Money Laundering Act to require digital currency exchanges to report their activities.

    · **Coinbase** Inc will face a negligence lawsuit due to how the firm handled the launch of its digital currency bitcoin cash back in December 2017.

    · The **Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)** of South Korea’s **Financial Services Commission** has plans to bring cryptocurrency exchanges under direct regulation. This is a change to its current practice of regulating exchanges by providing administrative guidance to domestic banks.

    · Local police in China are investigating decentralized exchange **EtherDelta** for an alleged major scam in China.

    · A tax bill dubbed “Virtual Value Tax Fix Act of 2019” has been introduced to the **U.S. House of Representatives**. The bill seeks to introduce amendments to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 which would result in cryptocurrencies to be excluded from double taxation under the existing Internal Revenue Code.

    · Under the guidance of the **Financial Action Task Force (FATF),** fifteen nations will be collaborating to setup a system to monitor cryptocurrency transactions.


    · Analysts at cybersecurity firm **Zscaler** have found a new type of trojan that targets cryptocurrency users. The malware, dubbed “Saefko”, is a remote access trojan (RAT) that can, retrieve browser history affiliated with cryptocurrency, credit cards, business, social media and other forms of data from a targeted computer.

    · Litecoin has reduced its block rewards from 25 LTC down to 12.5 LTC after reaching the trigger block height of 1,680,000 at 10:16 UTC on August 5th, 2019.

    · **Samsung** has expanded its blockchain and DApp software development kit by introducing two new services. It has integrated a digital analytics DApp dubbed “Jupiter” and a QR code-based password wallet “Mars” into Galaxy S10 and newer version of Samsung smartphones.


    · **Fidelity** Joins **Blockstream’s** New Institutional Bitcoin Mining Service


    · In an internal memo, **Circle’s** Head of Trading, Dan Matuszewski, has announced his departure at the firm. The position will be filled by Nick Gustafson, a Kraken and UBS alum.

    · On **Mastercard’s** job board, the organization is looking to fill three senior-level positions to lead efforts in cryptocurrency, focusing on payments and wallets solutions.


    · **@cryptoSqueeze** – *Financial roadmap: 1. BTC breaks ATH & moon hard 2. Alts capitulate another 50% from here 3. Buy alt capitulation 4. Sell alt for 5x, get back to BTC & HODL 5. Cash out 80% BTC by end of 2020 6. Financial crisis should be ending soon 7. Buy into stocks and real estate 8. Retire*

    · **@TimDraper** – *Nasdaq down 3.4% Dow down 2.9%. Bitcoin up 3.2%. Bitcoin may be a remarkable hedge. #bitcoin*

    · **@jason_yanowitz** – *4 people who changed the course of money forever 1260, Kublai Khan: Paper Money 1397, The Medicis: Credit w/ Interest 1971, Richard Nixon: Gold Standard 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin*

  5. Ltcjunkie


    To all the FUDsters of Litecoin:

    1. How many times will you people determine Litecoin is dead and yet again be proven wrong? You sound like the media calling Bitcoin dead hundreds of time. Litecoin thanks you.

    2. How can you bash the various partnerships Litecoin has in sports like the Miami Dolphins, UFC, and glory boxing? These partnerships only help bring awareness to the industry and can only help the ecosystem of shitcoins. What partnerships do your shitcoins have?

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