Hong Kong protesters use laser pointers to deter police, scramble facial recognition


  1. darmata14


    Tears on the mausoleum floor

    Blood stains the Colosseum doors

    Lies on the lips of a priest

    Thanksgiving disguised as a feast

    Rolling in the Rolls Royce Corniche

  2. In truth this is dangerous. Depending on the wattage those lasers can cause instant blindness. A stray beam can injure or blind bystanders or the uninvolved. Two years ago a volunteer ranger was blinded by a stray green laser at Burning Man. Boom, life changes in a millisecond. After that they banned them, for good reason. I’m all for the protesters equipping themselves for maximum effectiveness and survival, but the chance of indiscriminate injury with these things is too great.

  3. xolieo


    Laser pointers also cause permanent damage to camera sensors. Hopefully they keep them away from those that are documenting the events for good.

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