Study: Most YouTube videos on climate change deny its existence


  1. BoilerMaker11


    That’s because the outlets that actually care about it put out well put together, thought out videos every so often. Where’s Joe Schmo with a web cam will spam 4 shittily made videos per day denying it.

    For every NatGeo video about climate change that’s currently on YouTube, I could shitpost 10 “denial” videos between now and bedtime.

  2. RiderLibertas


    It doesn’t much matter anymore. There is already enough global warming baked in to collapse our civilization through crop failure and water shortage – in our lifetime. This will happen long before the worst effects of climate change are realized. Preventing the billions of deaths that will ensue will require the governments of the world and the corporations that own them to work together. Not gonna happen.

  3. TheWrockBrother


    The [study]( examined 200 YouTube videos found with ten search term:

    * **Climate**
    * **Climate Change**
    * *Climate Engineering*
    * *Climate Manipulation*
    * *Climate Modification*
    * **Climate Science**
    * *Geoengineering*
    * **Global Warming**
    * *Chemtrails*
    * *Climate Hacking*

    In the search terms I’ve **bolded**, the majority of the results **matched scientific consensus**, while in the ones I’ve *italicized* the majority *opposed scientific consensus*.

  4. stormhunter2


    I imagine part of the problem stems from the fact that anyone can make youtube videos, and deniers are also the most likely to scream the loudest about it. Whereas scientists are more focused on actually doing more research and investigating.

    Additionally, people who are willing to learn more about climate change and scientific topics are more likely to accept and visit mainstream sources and publications for them (Sorta like actually going to your doctor with real health concerns instead of folk remedies). These publications will be unlikely to accept bullshit from deniers, so of course, they go to the one platform where they aren’t held accountable: Youtube.

    Thats my 2 cents on the matter

  5. Macshlong


    Listen up! If Dave from Leeds makes a video and says that it’s all rubbish, he must be right, I mean ITS ON THE IN TER NET

    Social media is single handedly destroying years of scientific progress, so many people believe something just because it’s online and so few people fact check.

    Where as religion was used as a tool to control the meek in the old days, socials are being seen as a tool to manipulate opinions today.

  6. Derperlicious


    and youtube is “biased” against conservative views.

    most books on vaccines on amazon are antivaxx but thats fairly natural. There isnt a lot to write on the pro side besides “it ******* works, read history you ******* dolts”

  7. Nakotadinzeo


    Here’s the thing about this headline…

    Let’s say 90% of climate change videos are denying it, and 10% are supporting CC.

    But 90% of the views are going to the CC support videos, and most of the denial videos are getting less than 100 views each.

    Anyone can make a video, and the Right are more likely to speed their view with a blurry webcam video tossed into the aether. Even if nobody sees it, it still counts toward the total.

  8. steavoh


    If YouTube removed them, they would be accused of anti-conservative bias. Same with the anti-vax and conspiracy stuff. Expect to see more of this in the future.

  9. Shamscam


    I would say the one I’m always surprised about is; how many people don’t actually believe in climate change! I go on the internet and it’s almost completely universally agreed upon. But in real life I have people telling “oh this is part of the earth’s natural cycle” or “it’s all propaganda and buzz words”

    Too me it’s very simple, the more heat we pump out of society, the more we are going to see a difference in climate change, it just makes plain ******* sense!

  10. raarts


    This article is nonsense. There are hardly videos that deny that ‘climate change’ exists.

    There *are* a lot of videos though that deny that man is mainly responsible for climate change or for global warming.

    People should be more precise in their speech.

  11. aiseven


    Title is misleading. Most youtube videos do not deny the existence of climate change, most youtube videos deny that it’s primarily the result of human activities.

    >Researchers found evidence that most YouTube videos relating to climate change oppose the scientific consensus that it’s primarily caused by human activities.

  12. VonYugen


    I am one such life long Democrat 42 years who listens only to the science community and I find that 100% of what we see on television supports global warming as in everytime I see someone talk about it they are supporting it and use the words like “98% of scientists support the global warming theory” as to why our weather is crazy. Then George Bush started using the term climate change and the entire media as a whole changed also and started using this new term in unison. It’s very difficult for me to believe anything I see on television knowing how conglomerative they are. Truth is I e seem numerous studies on climate charge which range immensely pointing to dozens of things both in and out of our control and I think what the media is doing is making people think if they are Republicans then you must not believe in global climate change and if you are Democrats you must believe that Republicans are just stupid idiots and we must be mad at them. But the real truth is every single Republican I know believes in climate change they recycle and do what they can but they take an agnostic approach to it and admit they dont know why and they dont know what either is the problem at hand. And as a Democrat I know that the science community has two versions of what they support. What they are paid to say (the narrative and what they are paid to learn (truth) they tell the whole story to friends and family which becomes conspiracy theory and is taboo to listen to. I think people are smart enough to know that what is happening involves more than just cars and trucks. Caes and trucks dont cause volcanoes to increase or earthquake activity or the jey stream to change or the ocean currents to change or the oceans to heat 500% more than the air or satellites to be off I thing this term climate change will soon evolve into a new term earth changes

  13. kpcwazabi


    Sort of makes sense.
    Climate change being real is a pretty widely accepted belief so there wouldn’t be much matter for making a video on it.

    People who may disbelieve the concept would want to make a statement about it so of course a lot of videos on climate change on YT would be about its denial.

  14. Noobc0re


    Yeah, because the deniers are the one who have to make their case. I’d guess most people already believe the science so there’s no need to make a video about how it’s real.

  15. trackofalljades


    Of course they do, there also aren’t a lot of videos out there reminding people that gravity is real or that the earth is round or that we went to the moon or that vaccines help world health outcomes (compared to all the hokey opposites). It’s all about the clicks and nobody cares if they’re profiting by harming society.

  16. amoore2600


    The media has lossed all credibility because it picked sides and drives a narrative rather than present the facts and allowing the viewer to decide.

    When you don’t have credibility your word is worth nothing.

    The media as a whole have abused their first amendment right and shurgged the major responsibility that they had to be fair and balanced.

    Just look at how the 2016 election was covered and how the media reacted. It was shameful and just split the country rather than celebrating the peaceful transition of power and the continuing of our democracy. (Even if your pick didn’t win)

    I believe many Americans feel the same as I have stated above and thats just one example, there are many more every day.

    OP, what your seeing is a direct result of the lack of trust in the media and it’s not unwarranted.

    Edit: To the down voters you won’t even step back and look at how others feel or even have rational conversation about it. You just feel the need to be right rather then persuade others to come to your side.

  17. BoBoZoBo


    This why there is a growth of denial in not only climate change, but a round Earth and the mechanics of vaccines.

    Scientists keep talking about more facts to persuade people. NO, that isn’t how it works.

    A vast majority of humans are story and emotionally driven, not factual. Even those who are more factual driven still respond to a good narrative.

    Scientists need to partner with media producers and propagandists to deliver the data and facts in a story… not a report.

    Start doing this more, and it will flip to a more reasonable balance.

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