The 737 MAX Grounding Is Such A Disaster That Airlines Are Leasing 30-Year-Old 737-200s


  1. h8thorx


    I have trouble find that an airline would go to this length. This might be a crazy idea but I would rather fly a potentially faulty 737-max that with proper precautions would be generally safe to fly rather than a almost 40 year old plane. Yes airplanes last along time but there have also been much improvements. The reason Canada has so May older 737’s is because of gravel runways used across Canada as most of Canada is not very accessible or can only be accessible during parts of the year they cannot pour concrete for a regular runway. 737-200 have little air pipes to blow away any small bits of dirt or rocks. Older 737 can be configured in a combi variant where if there is not enough passengers or cargo can hold both. 737 max has had issues resulting in many lives taken. But let’s not forget that the FAA has to inspect and insure they believe the plane is safe to fly. The oversight of the MCAS system is both the fault of Boeing and the FAA. I believe Boeing will take its time to ensure that they believe the plane has its flaws fixed and that the general public had faith and trust restored to the 737 max variant.

  2. mvw2


    Yep, it’s a top down issue. Any time engineering goes very wrong, it’s a management problem. I could blame engineers, but the reality is it’s still all management’s call, and generally direction, orders, ultimatums, approvals, etc. The companies reaction is also a top down issue.

  3. Bad-Science


    How long can those planes be mothballed before they are going to take extensive work and recertifications to be airworthy again?

    It must be getting worse every day. When do the airlines sue Boeing for loss of use or lost profit?

  4. phpdevster


    In a sane world, Boeing would undergo a serious executive changeover, including the complete removal of all current board members who approved the current executive leadership. The top of Boeing is corrupt and toxic and it should be replaced, by law.

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