$3 million Fortnite winner—and his parents—become latest swatting targets: The teenager was in the middle of a livestream when cops showed up with guns.


  1. TheMogician


    I mean I don’t really like Fortnite or Fortnite meming but this could kill the kid. Would you be willing to kill somebody over a game you don’t like? Don’t swat people, it is a waste of precious public resources and is a serious danger to people.

  2. fightonphilly


    I know it’s rare that these people be caught, but anyone that does needs to have the book thrown at them in every possible way, federal charges or the equivalent in whatever country they’re from that carry significant minimum prison time. And a bill that bankrupts their mom’s basement staying asses for life for wasting our tax dollars and police resources.

  3. tomanonimos


    At this point, I feel that streamers, once they get a level of popularity, should immediately call their local police station to inform them that they may be swatted. It’s become such a problem I doubt cops would laugh you off.

  4. MasterOnion47


    Swatting is incredibly messed up, but it’s a symptom of a larger problem—the ludicrous frequency of police SWAT raids.

    SWAT raids were introduced in 70s and 80s when the crime rate was far, far higher. Even then, they were used pretty rarely. Now there are 50,000 SWAT raids per year in the US. Cities have SWAT teams who do 200+ raids a year. It’s preposterous.

    Pranksters are a problem, but they only exist because of bad policy creating a ridiculous situation with SWAT teams sitting around looking for any excuse to go on a raid.

  5. grnhornet72


    This is extremely stupid that SWAT team no knock raid based on a random phonecall… Maybe send a nutless prick officer to at least investigate before sending in cowardly Meatheads that are legally allowed to kill anyone they want with military gear…

  6. noodlesdefyyou


    i dont think a lot of people in this thread understand what ‘swatting’ is.

    to ‘swat’ someone, a caller phones in to local police where the ‘target’ lives, usually over skype/vpn, and claims they are being held hostage at gunpoint, that there are multiple armed men and they mean to kill the hostage.

    this involves the SWAT team, as any threat like this must be taken seriously. otherwise, you end up with a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation, and people actually do die.

    a lot of local police have measures in place with the ever-evolving technology field, and realize that swatting is a common-enough practice to warrant some form of countermeasure. that countermeasure is to be proactive with the police, let them know who you are, what your channels are, how to contact you, etc. this way, should someone try to ‘swat’ you, they phone you instead of showing up at your door ready to negotiate for hostage(s) against armed assailants with lead.

    imagine if someone called in that a bank was being robbed, but instead of showing up, the police wrote it off as ‘oh, little johnny up to his shenanigans again, false alarm boys lets go have a pint’, or a bomb threat is made and its written off as a prank.

    better yet, imagine the horror if a true hostage victim managed to make contact with the police, and they treated it as a typical ‘swatting’ situation, and ignored it.

  7. Can someone explain why a swat team with government resources can’t figure out how this may be a false call?

    Also what was the reason that our tax money went towards a false call.

    Wtf is wrong with this world now days

  8. vorpalglorp


    Why do the cops assemble entire teams and raid a house because of a random phone call from a stranger? Shouldn’t they check it out first like send a couple cops first?

  9. VisaEchoed


    Everyone is focused on the stupid people calling in SWATS….and look, you’re all right. We should punish them. But stupid people are stupid and we can’t effectively prevent people from doing this. You could take it to the extreme and say, ‘Swatters will be punished by death…’

    It won’t matter. Stupid kids will do it, thinking they can’t get caught.

    Our entire legal system is built around the idea that innocent people can be wrongly accused of a crime. That’s a fundamental, core, belief. And no amount of punishment for others is going to change that.

    The fact that people are calling Swatters ‘Attempted murders’ says a lot about how we all view the police and what we expect from them. Swatting is only as dangerous *as the police make it*. If I’m playing video games, I’m not a threat, I’m not a criminal, I should have nothing to fear from the police. If you think that police showing up is equivalent to an attempt on my life, you are saying, ‘The police are so irresponsible that they’re reasonably likely to murder an innocent, unarmed person’

    And if you are saying that, which you are, and should be….the problem is not the Swatters. The problem is that the police are literally out of control in this country.

  10. imroot


    I have a police scanner monitoring the local police department at home, and I was listening to something last Monday night that was a telltale “swatting” to me.

    What bothers me is that neither the person taking the call, nor the dispatcher, really knew what to do with it. They kept the guy on the phone, trying to get his location, but, it came back to a VOIP number in Seattle, not a location in Ironton, Ohio (where the person said they were calling from).

    We need to have better education, training, and tools for the police dispatchers/call takers to use.

  11. We desperately need measures to deal with hoax calls. The police are extremely militarized and they have killed (knowingly or unknowingly) many innocent people and their pets. This needs to ******* stop.

  12. Charge the swatters with attempted murder AND also file charges to get a repayment out of them to pay back what it cost in equipment, man power, and even court expenses if the person being swatted decided to go to court.

    People would stop this **** immediately if they got a huge debt to pay off that took a couple of decades to clear up.

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