Courts Again Shoot Down FCC For Ignoring The Law, Making Up Stuff


  1. QuantumLeap-BEL


    Oh, I’ve heard Ajit Pai blaming the internet for the robocall mess. Yet all other countries without this mess have internet. It seams their favourite sport is making things up on the fly.

  2. zdrifter


    Writers from the site repeatedly say “all eyes are now on the ongoing lawsuit by 23 state AGs against the FCC for repealing net neutrality. A ruling in that case is expected any day now..”

    Guys@Techdirt .. please provide regular meaningful updates on the case or STOP saying this!!! please .. you have been saying this for six months at least.

  3. 1_p_freely


    Reminds me of that time they wanted to downgrade the definition of broadband from 25mbps to something like 10mbps, a vital strategy in the quest to provide everyone in the US broadband Internet connectivity.

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