Managing various technological tools/products in one classroom.

I am not a teacher, but am in graduate school doing a research project on the topic of EdTech in the K12 system. I have posted a couple of questions here in the past and have gotten some great feedback.

1) What is everyone's process for managing and utilizing the various technological tools the district buys for you? (also, on average, how many technological products do you utilize in your classroom?)

2) Is there an on-boarding process when a new technology is bought and how do you continue to learn how to better use the tool/product? Do you ever struggle to keep up with all of the new products/tools?

Thank you to everyone in advance for the help! I appreciate it.

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  1. uncleoms2001


    1) Schools that have their edTech game together use LMSs (learning management systems) to integrate the tools that they’ve committed to. In my experience, they’re not very user-friendly, look odd, and limit teacher creativity. More advanced teachers make their own websites for more control and to not have to deal with a school/district changing its LMS or individual subscriptions to tools. I personally use tools that are good at one thing for their individual purpose and find a way to minimize how much of a learning curve my kids will have to endure. So I try to keep my toolkit that I expose my kids to as minimal as possible. This is where Google shines. I use Memrise for vocabulary acquisition. And a few other tools for specialized projects.

    2) Some schools/districts will have PDs where sales reps come in to teach the staff how to use the new tools but they often aren’t allotted enough time for teachers to really get a feel for the strengths and weaknesses and after being bombarded with new edTech every year, folks get numb to the whole process. In less than stellar school/districts, subscriptions are paid for without teachers knowing or knowing how to use the tools. The market is saturated with plenty of tools. When we find one that is good at what it does, we stick with it. Ease of use seems to be the real driving force.

    Happy to answer any other related questions.

    10-Year teacher in 3/5 NYC boroughs. Both Public and Charter.

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