Verizon Taking Its Final Huge Bath On Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Legacy: Tumblr is being sold for $20 million only six years after Double-M bought it for $1.1 billion.


  1. Cadash420


    People are saying ‘oh maybe they’ll bring back porn!’ But as someone who still regularly uses tumblr (unfortunatly lol) they never really got rid of it in the first place.

    Whatever algorithm they put in place to detect + block it is GOD awful. Any picture that has too much skin tone color is gone. I remeber when the ban first started people would just post pics of solid ‘nude’ colors & they would get flagged immediately. They drove people away from the website in herds & yet the pornbots are STILL THERE and STILL ACTIVE. I get followed by one or two everyday, and if anything it’s gotten worse since the ban.

    Tumblr is a joke.

  2. Splurch


    And no one was surprised. This exact scenario is what a huge number of people were predicting here when the initial purchase was announced. Yahoo management just doesn’t know how to actually manage an online community and it only continued to get worse under Mayer.

  3. FeculentUtopia


    Since they were already taking an almost 100% loss on it, they really should have had some fun with it and given it to one of their cell phone customers for free. Just pull a phone number out of a hat and go, “Congratulations, FeculentUtopia! Your subscription for the month is paid, and you’re now the lucky owner of Tumblr!”

  4. pup3x


    Sure is a good thing over 90% of the user base (read as porn lovers) were effectively told to **** off (no pun intended) recently. I promptly dumped 400+ followings and closed my account… Never to return. What a great idea! Destroy customer loyalty then buy it.

  5. datavirtue


    What the **** did Verizon think was going to happen? Is there a secret underground billionaire cult that agrees to buy zombie companies to parade them around for a few more years before taking a write down on someone else’s dime?

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