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  1. AspiringBoi


    Quick question: I’m sitting on some BTC and want to buy into alts — I understand that I’m better off holding BTC until it hits ATH then buy into alts, but I’m afraid that the USD value (not BTC value e.g satoshis) will increase with BTC’s increasing dollar price.

    Am I mistaken or is this correct? Thanks 🙂

  2. mrSilkie


    Looks like the pennant is closing. Within the next month we’ll know if we retest 13k or continue back down to 8k

    I believe we will head back down to 8k, looking at the overall crypto market cap, the last time bitcoin hit support at $9500 on August 29th, the market cap hit its lowest point in almost three months. The next time we hit support we could see this dip even further. If this happens near the end of the pennant pattern this could indicate a bear signal at the same time that the market is trying to figure out if it wants to head to retest 13k or break back down to 8k

  3. Fitnessisback


    All these city boy traders that told me Btc was a scam from 2013-2016 are now starting to get active. They will contact you on Insta and anyway possible for hedge funds Etc. Fk them off. 2020 you will see hedge funds for Btc and crypto spike like no other year. Take control of your own money and crypto, Be smart and ruthless and we will all be just fine. Do not trust anyone but yourself when it comes to this fairly new Tech. Good luck everyone

  4. ozzo489


    Noob question but why is coinbase price always so far behind? Currently £8380 but other platforms read £8220? Is it always consistently behind/delayed?

  5. Abs01ut3


    I was looking into BTC purchase through Gemini API due to its lower fee and stumbled upon this guideline: [reddit post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gemini/comments/bopmll/show_of_interest_free_safe_dashboard_for_gemini/). Is this recommended and/or safe to do? I have hardware wallet to use, but I don’t know how secure it is when I need to edit the api text file with Gemini’s api key and secret. Not much traffic in gemini reddit for me to ask

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