Amazon Employees Are Walking Out Over the Company’s Huge Carbon Footprint – Nearly 1,000 employees have pledged to walk out September 20 to demand the company go to zero emissions by 2030.



  1. keenfrizzle


    So they’re walking out, and back in, like they did with Prime Day. What’s the point? One day’s worth of work, even from 1,000 employees, is just a blip on the radar of Bezos.

  2. Lagometer


    To make it interesting, woke Amazon employees should demand that all their electric power should come from sources other than the ultra low emissions hydroelectric power commonly enjoyed in Seattle.

  3. Tiavor


    zero emission … for a mail order business … sure, anything else you want to solve within 10 years? overpopulation? world peace? mars terraforming?

  4. How precisely does a logistics company that now runs *its own airline* go zero emissions?

    Also this is a cheap shot, but Prime Video’s horrific user experience is somewhat explained by this article: the people responsible for it are thinking about other things.

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