Bernie Sanders Says DMVs Should Stop Profiting From Drivers’ Personal Data


  1. We live in a version of reality where Bernie has to state the obvious and at least 60 million Americans will disagree with him for no other reason than he is a “socialist”. Which hes not. Hes not even a Democratic Socialist. He is a Social Democrat. Its a distinction with a huge difference.

  2. florgblorgle


    It gets worse. Many states have outsourced their DMV IT and/or website(s) to companies who do the work for free in exchange for a cut of the fees and/or marketing use of the data. So the use and management of the information is completely out of the hands of the public.

  3. kci-04


    At some point, doesn’t our data become worthless because it is literally everywhere? How can you make money selling my information, it’s probably a simple Google search away.

  4. magicdragonfly


    The fly in the ointment here is that if the DMV is selling data, it’s the state that makes money from this sale. Money to pay salaries, pave roads, fund Medicaid, build schools, and so on. It’s money that will have to be made up for somewhere else, and that typically means higher taxes.

    Unfortunately for the small people, they can’t afford high priced accountants and lawyers to make sure they’re not paying taxes, so they unfairly shoulder more of the burden than the rich.

    So how do you craft a solution that doesn’t leave anyone out in the cold?

  5. Cheesetorian


    I don’t agree with what what Bernie says all the time, but this one I definitely do.

    It should ALSO be the same for companies whether digitally, genetic (medical is already protected by HIPAA it should also be protect genetic ie stop selling genetic info of people from companies like 23andMe WITHOUT compensating users OR if they have to give out these information with consent, it should be given to non-profits for medical research FOR FREE), and consumer data.

    All data breach = should have guaranteed 10 year ID protection automatically.

  6. The DMVs are state-level government agencies. So when it’s reported that the DMV is making a profit from selling your data — that means it’s the state which is making a profit from selling your data.

    How would you feel if your state sold your state income tax and property tax information to whoever wanted it? Or if they started selling access to medical records from state-run hospitals?

    This must be stopped. If it is allowed to continue, how long until other state agencies (not just the ones I’ve mentioned) decide that your data is a profit center?

    edit: just to be clear: I agree with Bernie, but he should go further: we should be demanding that all data collected by the state is **NOT FOR SALE**, and is **NOT** to be distrubuted (or even given away) to anyone.

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