California passes law that prevents cities from taxing energy generated by solar rooftop projects


  1. mspk7305


    Arizona needs to pass a law saying its legal to disconnect your home from the electric grid when you have solar, and a 2nd one saying that APS cannot charge you a fee for generating your own electricity.

    Yeah, the Arizona Power Service will charge you a monthly fee for having solar power.

  2. dirtymoney


    Why not have a solar setup that is wholly connected to your home and not connected to the grid at all?

    Generate your own and use the utility company’s (and pay for it like you normally would) if you need it. Keep them completely out of it. Have a wholly separate system.

    Solar panels, and batteries.

    Or is that illegal somehow? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. danf87


    Unfortunately it’s still illegal to grow food in your own property as well as collecting rain water in way too many major cities in the US and Canada.

  4. ItsDaveDude


    Unfortunately your electric company is still allowed to harvest your solar system as it’s own little profit center by selling the power you produced (and they didn’t have to produce) at prevailing power rates, but crediting you only a small percentage of what they profited from you, and pocketing the extra to make more money and to make it less attractive to move to solar and buy less power from them.

    Oh and if your solar system is so good that you don’t need to use their power very much, it’s legal for them to charge you a low use fee that is nothing more than a naked attempt to lowering the incentive to go solar by making the cost difference benefit less worthwhile, so they don’t lose more customers to a competing product.

    The electric industry is not going down to renewable energy without a dirty fight and that’s why we need new laws to protect environmentally conscious consumers who just want to decide without a monopoly gouging them for leaving increasingly outdated, inefficient and polluting power companies.

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