Musicians and fans call for ban on facial recognition at festivals and shows


  1. proggieus


    >*~~Tom Morell~~**o, Amanda Palmer, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Thievery Corporation, Atmosphere, Gramatik, The Glitch Mob, Downtown Boys among artists opposing invasive surveillance at music events*


    Who? I know one name and that’s a 90’s washup guitar player

  2. Pants4All


    Why does anyone think calling for a ban will matter? Facial recognition is going to happen everywhere, period. They will look you straight in the eye and tell you they aren’t doing it while they are, no matter how many useless ban laws pass to placate the voting constituency.

  3. monchota


    It shouldnt be used everywhere but as long as a picture is being taken of you, it can be used for recognizing your face. What I really want is peoplento clean thier **** up at festivals. Im 33 and when I started going to festivals and thatbwhen I was a teen. Most people cleaned thier **** up and didnt have many problems. Now I go and people just dont care, then will go to walmart spend $100 on camping stuf and leave it behind. All because they are just too damn lazy, now that im thinking about it. If they want to use facil recognition to find these *******, pleases do.



    You can’t really ban photography in public places and photographs, especially digital images, can easily be run through facial recognition later on.

    Every where you go there are cameras. Dash cams, body cams, store security cams, cop cams, CCTV cams, Google cars, tourists snapping incessant pictures, news helicopters, gopros, every Buster who *won’t* stop and help you but who *will* record you get beat up with a cell phone in the hopes of internet fame — your second cousin’s oldest dog’s new quadcopter is equipped with a camera – “Woof!”

    The whole world is now a surveillance device and you have been willing posting endless pictures of yourself to social media, despite learning that big tech has a firehose shooting all that data to the NSA (Snowden’s revelation was your “meh”) which allows precisely this sort of scanning and collating.

    And now. Out of the clear blue, you get conscience and don’t want facial recognition tech at concerts?

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